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  • Gene G. - I had to pee like a race horse when I got there but there ...

    So yes, this product does work. I am a moderate to heavy smoker (everyday, but no more than a few pokes throughout the day) and was able to pass a drug test after only 4 days of not smoking. I should include that I myself am very active, have a fast metabolism, and am very low body fat...all of which allow me to rid myself of 'toxins' very very fast. I was going to be tested sometime after 4:00pm, so when I woke up to start my day I did indeed eat a large breakfast, and then a few hours later had a small snack, but ate nothing after 9:30 am. At 12:45 I drank 16oz. of water, then 15 minutes later drank the entire bottle of q32 (it took me a few minutes) and then 15 minutes after that I filled up the bottle with water and drank that. It wasn't long after that I took my first pee. I urinated 3 times before testing my 4th one. It was an at home THC test and the test line was very slightly visible. I counted this as a fail, so I took another 2 or 3 pees and tested again. This time I had a much clearer test line which meant that I was clean (negative). This was at around 2:25pm. I had to drive to the place in traffic and didn't get there until about 4:30. I had to pee like a race horse when I got there but there was no one there yet to administer the test. I was a little worried the drink might wear off, but about 5:30 I took the test and never heard anything back. If I failed I would have gotten a call from the lab, and since I didn't, it was a success. hope this is helpful

  • Richard Kenyada - Great for Minor Body Paint Scratches

    A respected consumer publication recommended this product as a fix-all for minor scratches. I purchased it to repair some scratches on my car door that were more of a slight annoyance than serious abrasions in the body paint. Bottom line, the product works just fine. And the package includes everything needed to complete the job with glowing results.