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  • Amazon Customer - Pretty Knife😍

    The knife came and it was very pretty. I liked it a lot except for one minor thing. When the knife came it had a few scratches on it, but overall it's a great product and you should definitely purchase one.

  • Sasha - UNSAFE & Horrible! Do not buy!

    DO NOT BUY!! I have loved every other Peg stroller so when this came out it seemed like a no brainer for me to special order this item in and have it shipped out to Hawaii. When we recieved the stroller my husband refused to push it because he said it was extremely difficult and we should have went with a BOB or Baby Jogger instead. When I tried it myself I was very disappointed. Not only was it difficult to push, it did not handle the weight of my two children who are well under the weight limits and if they leaned in any direction in their seats the whole stroller goes that way too. The front wheel is unstable and flimsy and gets stuck very often in a sideways position. The tires need to be reinflated every month and the tire pump that comes with the stroller is a joke.I have had to keep my mouth shut about the complaints since my stroller is not returnable as a special order and my husband dished out nearly $700 for it and would be upset if I complained but yesterday was the last straw for me. My 3 year old was sitiing in the bottom seat and managed to push the close buttons causing the stroller to collapse on her and smash her in the mall. This stroller should be recalled. They should not design a stroller that plops easy push buttons in front of a toddler giving them any opportunity to accidentally crush themselves if they happen to get curious and do what toddlers do. I called Peg's cusotmer service and I am still waiting to see what will be done. According to them, because my daughter pushed the buttons it is her fault and not a manufacturer design flaw. I was also told by the woman on the phone who claimed to have 4 children of her own that if it was her child in that scenario she would talk to her child and teach them not to push the buttons. Seriously? Shouldnt that be in the instruction manual then? Make sure you teach your child not to push buttons and crush themselves. And, how often does your 3 year old actually do everything you say? Personally, if you pay this much for a stroller not only should it be easy to push but you shouldnt have to worry about your child's safety at all. Im extremely upset and even more angry that customer service talks to me like I am stupid and blames this safety problem on my child's intellegence and curiosity. They said they have had no other complaints of this and no one has been injured which is what prompts other recalls so I am assuming that until someone really gets hurt, nothing will be done. Needless to say, we will not be using the bottom seat anymore since its is clearly a safety hazard but this defeats the purpose of a double stroller. I wish I saved my $700 and got something else. I have always loved Peg but after today's customer service experience I am really debating if I will ever purchase from them again. This was the first problem I have had with customer service but I would expect that a safety issue would take presidence over a simple replacement part and clearly it does not because supposedly this is my daughter's fault.

  • ricslik71 - Caboki works pretty well

    This is my first hair product like this. After seeing videos and reviews I had to try it. I have the top of my head thinning. You can see scalp, but I do have decent coverage. First impressions after initial use was it was easy to apply, it just takes practice to get the best looking coverage. Sometimes it would look unnatural if you don't do even application or if it is heavily applied. This product comes off if any liquid gets on your head. I would imagine if you sweat enough for beads to drop, then the fibers will come off too. Stuff immediately washes out as soon as you step under the shower head. Now, the fibers are very fine and definitely stick to things. They will stay in if the wind is blowing or if you run your fingers through your hair. Although, if you are playing with your hair, then you do shift the density of the fibers around and it does get all over your hands. The fibers are not glue and you do have to show some care to them; best to just leave them be for the day. I would say that the big bottle will last me a month because I apply it to the entire top portion of my head and I use a moderate amount each time. I would only use it if you aren't doing anything active. Judging by when my head and hair touch my pillow, I think much of the fibers will be left on it by morning; I'm not a still sleeper. If you buy this, just don't get false hope about it's strength because I thought it was going to be a little more resilient than it is. I am still pleased, though. After all, it's a few taps and it looks like a nice head of hair and my co-workers couldn't tell. You would have to be very close to see the individual fibers or to touch your hair and see them on your hand. As far as the psychological effect, it does make me more confident. Though, I do worry that if I went on a date and then she found out my hair didn't really look like this, it may not end favorably. I know women like to touch hair and run their fingers through it, so hopefully she knows by then. But women wear mascara and tons of other make-ups, so I think a product like this is no different. I haven't applied hair product after I put Caboki in, so I can't vouch for what that may do to hold and all. Price seems fair too. I would have did 5 stars if the price was cheaper ( I paid $30) or if the fibers were more resilient and met my expectation.

  • sophiah - 1 hour project takes 1 day+

    I pay monthly for this product and it is terrible. To select an item can take up so much time and then if I try to move an item it is so painfully slow. I have been using Publisher to try and create professional products for my business but it is not impossible. I wouldn't bother purchasing this product until Microsoft create a new version or fix this one.

  • AnnaBelle'sGiGi - Good in the right place!

    For the channels it receives they are nice and clear. Those channels are odd ones. I can not receive the national networks.Unfortunately I live in a heavy tree area and can only receive 5 channels. I would not recommend this for someone living in the woods. For someone on an elevation above the tree line, or in an open area it would be great.

  • Amazon Customer - The Best Baby Product

    LOVE THIS!! kept my baby from having to go to the ER and get a deep suction when he was sick. Moms are intimidated by this for some reason. Try on yourself first if you have reservations. What that hospital has is way more suction. It gets harder as your baby gets older cause they want to play with it but I'd rather suck him out for 30 seconds versus 10 mins with the alternative. I would turn off your vacuum every 30 to 40 seconds because it could ruin your engine. It's sucking from a really small hole and your vacuum could over heat. I bought a cheap little vac to go with this that I use that's hand held called BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum