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  • Sandy Merkel - hair essentials natural, herbal hair growth supplement for women &men

    i took these hair growth pills as often as recommended for one week only; my hair began to grow a little in the recent alopoecia areata areas ; however, the formula tastes terrible and i don't like the laxative effect.

  • Amazon Customer - Isagenix made me gain weight

    I tried this. I lost 4 or 5 lbs. The next week I gained it back. So I tried the 30 day cleanse. After 2 weeks I didn't lose a lb. When I stopped, I gained 4 lbs.

  • MOMMD - Terrible product. Incompetent technical support. At least there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

    I used a previous Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 on my Windows 8 PC for the past two years. I didn't have strong feelings about it one way or another, but I also didn't use the computer much because I thought the computer was too slow. When I purchased an activation code for the next year, I was forced to upgrade to 2015. The 2015 version is AWFUL. Once it was installed we could no long send e-mail from Microsoft Outlook. I googled the problem and found that this seemed to be a common complaint among users of this software. I tried several work-arounds suggested by on-line forums including disabling the anti-spam add-on. We still couldn't send e-mail. So we contacted technical support. First, they claimed that they didn't know this was a commonly reported problem. Instead of logging onto our computer remotely, technical support said that they would e-mail us instructions to fix the issue. The instructions the sent us basically instructed us how to disable all Kaspersky protection for incoming/outgoing e-mail. This, obviously, was not the solution we wanted, but we tried it, and it did not solve our problem. Technical support subsequently (over e-mail) sent us several additional suggestions that did not work. Therefore, we initiated the 30 day money back guarantee process and bought Webroot. Once Kaspersky was uninstalled Outlook worked fine. Webroot also found 14 infections that Kaspersky had never detected. And for the first time since we purchased the computer, it was fast.

  • Kristopher Schriock - Keeps our bounce-loving baby happy!

    We did a ton of research before investing in such a (relatively) expensive bouncer. Mamaroo appeared to have everything we wanted, and the Bluetooth feature on the 2015 version wasn't important to us so we decided to try the older model... it's worth every penny! Our 2 month old is happiest when at an incline and bouncing - not rocking, not swaying, but truly bouncing. This does the trick - especially the Kangaroo motion. It's easy to put together, and our baby was smiling within a minute of buckling her in and turning it on. I thought that was maybe a fluke (she was already in a happy/calm mood when she went in) but we're 3 days in and have tried it when she's happy, sleepy, cranky... makes no difference, she still loves it!

  • Neil M - Superpowers are not what they seem!

    I bought this product thinking I could give myself the edge I felt I needed in life. Basically I wanted superpowers. Very specific superpowers!

  • Jill Warren - Great item for the price.

    I purchased this battery pack to be used as an alternate charging source for my business trip and I've used this almost two months now. It charges my Sony Xperia Z3 in 30 minutes or so on. I can charge my phone at least 3 times,maybe four times. Some one may have questions about charge cycles of a power bank. For example, this Blitzwolf 10400mAh power bank should be able to fully charge a 2600mAh device for 10400mAh / 2600mAh =4 times. But that's still under the ideal conditions.

  • Eric J. Smith - Don't Be A Clown - Buy Authentic

    I've read numerous reviews citing these sneakers as fake knock-off versions, and having had some negative experiences with unauthentic products on Amazon in the past, I thought I'd offer my advice/opinion. I own 3 pairs of Air Max 2016, and I love them. They are truly comfortable and high quality, but I got them on sale at Finish Line for well below the asking price here.