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  • Salahan - Grateful for the recomendation

    After taking a series of very strong antibiotics for over a month my womanly parts were not so happy. I was constantly treating yeast infections which when treated would trigger bacterial infections which when treated would trigger a yeast infection... and the cycle went on and on for over a year. I finally broke down to my gynecologist and she recommended that I try this product. I started using it over a year ago and I have not had symptoms of any kind of infection since I began the regimen. I have noticed other benefits as well toward my womanly health.

  • C. Orr - Don't get discouraged!

    I've been with this product over a year now and have maintained my 30 pound weight loss taking this supplement. My blood pressure is where it should be. Most weight loss programs do not mix well with weight loss meds, but have not felt any side effects. It does make you conscious on your daily eating habits. You cannot expect miracles over night, but if you stick with the program, you will lose weight gradually.

  • Amazon Customer - Bettet than I thought

    The product was amazing! I actually believe it's better than I thought it would be! I am definitely going to be purchasing more and best of all I get to use my $2 off that was sent in the mail with my free box of hair dye!! Oh and it wasn't even a sample size it was actually the normal size box that is purchased from the store! Clairol natural instincts is the best!

  • M John. Ellis - Acronis 2016 Cloud bad deal - Plus bad interface!

    Used to be 5 stars, but they are pushing Cloud service so hard it is irritating. They don't respect your decision to not want it. Acronis wants to suck everybody into keeping backups, files - everything in their cloud. They charge a yearly fee for this, but think about it: If you want to cancel, you will have to download all that information - maybe years worth -back to your computer before you can stop the fees. It could take a long time at internet speed to clean out your stuff. Don't fall for it - you could be spending a lot more money than you think. - and of course, they can raise the fees after the first year. As a side note: The backup software works fine but the GUI is poor. As an example: There is no context sensitive Help and you have to click on an icon to tell what it does. Most new software allows you to hover the mouse pointer over the icon and it displays options so you can quickly determine if it is appropriate. PS: After using for a month or so. I now give it 1 Star. Note: After months of using this software and two major upgrades it is still bad! The last update on 4/29/2016 (Win 7 Pro) caused errors on my computer -"Acronis Stopped Running.....". I tried to uninstall and reinstall, rolled back registry all to no avail. I finally had to restore using an earlier backup. So backup software that is supposed to protect my computer caused me to have to do a restore. What is going on at Acronis? 8/31/16 - still using product - hasn't gotten any worse, but the user interface still drives me nuts. I've tried a few disk image restores and they work fine. The core software is good, but GUI is bad.

  • Paul S - ACT! is a scam

    I've recently joined a company that uses ACT!. Users are spread across the country and have different versions of ACT! I wanted to create a folder where I could receive backups of all the users ACT! databases. When I try to open a database, I get "this backup was created on a newer version of ACT! Please upgrade your ACT! software". Okay, fair enough...seems strange that I can't open backups between different versions of ACT! (the software we have is only 2 years apart). So instead of upgrading everyone in the company to the same version, I decided to just research a different CRM system. We really only use the contacts, companies, and notes features anyway. I found out that ACT! essentially makes it impossible to leave their software...or at least impossible without spending more money. You can't export notes from ACT! Our notes have a lot of important information and there's no way to simply export them from the program. Of course, they offer "add-ons" that you can buy which will magically allow you to do this. The ACT! software is basically just a vehicle used to offer upgrades, add-ons, and tech support which they always charge for. ACT! is a scam. Try using something like Future Simple BASE, or Less Annoying CRM. I can't wait to ditch this terrible software.

  • Lisa - Unpleasant sent

    I peronally don't like the sent of this. I can still smell it in the bathroom hours later. I thought i would be a mild sent since it is for babies but its not. The only reason I am not giving it a lower rating is because it seemed to do its job.

  • Professormom - THE BEST ON THE MARKET

    So far so good. We had the "okay to wake owl" and it doesn't tell time so we gave it away. Finally I got thisI had a 4 almost 5 year old who ALWAYS came in my room in the middle of the night "is it morning yet" and then every hour or so after and crying when on the third time sending him back to bed. This solved it and he has come in only on the yellow light turns on. We have ours set at 6:30 am for Green (you set the alarm for green) and I noticed it turns yellow on its own 30 min before (so for us 6:00am). This is a huge improvement from the 3am wake up and every hour after until I let him stay up at 5:30 because he just didn't want to go back to sleep (and he doesn't nap)