Hair loss and Hair loss advice on all hair loss treatments, hair loss product advice - Hair loss advice on the most up to date hair loss and baldness treatments, and all hair loss treatments and hair loss products.

  • Hair Loss Treatments - A review of all hair loss treatments that are available - When considering hair loss treatments you must consider all your options and choices. You always have a choice, do you want to take drugs
  • Reasons for Hair Loss - Why you are losing your hair - Reason for hair loss in androgentic alopecia is a chemical called dihydrotestosterone - Fid out why you are losing your hair
  • Hair Loss Options - What you can do about hair loss - Hair loss advice - When considering hair loss treatments you must consider all your options and choices
  • Womens hair loss advice and womens hair loss information - Sudden hair loss may not be painful or even dangerous in itself, but for the six out of ten women who suffer from it
  • Permanent chemotherapy-induced alopecia in children associated with thiotepa - Chemotherapy-induced alopecia (CIA) is a frequent complication in patients with cancer. There are an increasing number of reports of permanent CIA

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  • Mike - After almost 3 years this is still the best car I've ever owned!

    I ordered my S in October 2013 and received it early 2014, it is still the best car I have ever owned! I don't think I could go back to driving an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) if I had to!! It's also fun showing it off, just about everywhere I go I plan a few extra minutes for "Tesla Time", what I call it when strangers walk up and want to see the car. While they're expensive upfront, what you save not having to buy fuel, get oil changes and other scheduled maintenance really offsets the price of the car. Being able to outrun just about any other car on the road is the icing on the cake :)

  • Matt - Got it as a joke ... but use it all the time.

    OK so I'm not the hairy dude that would maybe be the ideal user of this product. That's my disclaimer. I'm not going to claim that this shaver turned me from a wookie to a regular dude. That said, hair does grow on my back and every so often I want to get rid of said hair. I made a comment to my brother that I should invent a shaver on a stick to shave my back hair and he gave me one of these for my birthday almost as a joke.

  • Chris - Drops Worked for a Time; Found Hills Y/D Works

    These drops perked up my 15 year old cat, put a shine to his coat, lessened his vomiting to almost nothing and increased his appetite a bit, all for a while. I could not find a cat food that had the percentages of 40% protein and 50% fat at pet stores that a hyperthroid cat needs and he began to lose weight. I tried home cooking his meals but it did not help and he kept losing weight. I discovered that Hills Y/D is a cat food that is made specifically for cats with hyperthyroidism, but it must be their only food. I stopped using the Pet Wellbeing thyroid drops when I switched to the Hills Y/ D formula. He absolutely loves the dry kibble! I could not believe it. I do mix it with a little of the canned Hills Y/D once a day in with the dry, Hills Y/D, kibbles. The canned food is not nearly as nutritious. I have discovered that feeding my cat four smaller meals per day works better for his condition. He is so much more alert, purrs louder, and is continuing to gain weight on this new food. The only drawback to this food is that you must get a veterinarian's written prescription to buy it.

  • seese - titamic

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