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  • A. Bartram - Best Allergy Control Product I've Found

    I've used Ortho Molecular Natural D-Hist for about 2 years and wouldn't miss taking it daily for the world. I find that keeping it in my system year round works better for me. I reduce the dosage to 3 per day during non-allergy seasons and then increase the dosage to 4 per day during the worst allergy seasons. I no longer have the allergic reactions and problems I use to experience every spring and fall.

  • Mrs. Wonderful - Makes hubby's "precious" look nice

    Our old tv died during Easter and my husband has been dying for one of those 3D tvs. So we purchased a new tv and waited for all of his accessories from amazon to come in. This was the best and least expensive tv mount that we have found. Directions were pretty easy to understand and makes hubby's "precious" look "aesthetically pleasing". The only pickle of it, is that it doesn't pull out if you need to go behind your tv nor can you really attach the tv to the part that makes your tv doubly secure incase of earthquake. It's sturdy though and today we did have a 3.0 shaker and the tv is fine. It's also great that they sent the little light, tiny leveler (not worth) and hdmi cable.

  • elizabeth redmond - Hair Conditioner/detangler

    12 Benefits was used by my hairdresser; it combs tangles right out w/out pulling hair, and at the same time is a great conditioner. I love the product. I ordered it from Amazon b/c it is cheaper than in my salon.

  • M. Thomas - Really did NOT work for my hair.

    After using Matrix Biolage for a long time I decided to try this. I found it didn't lather well and left my hair dry, coarse feeling, and lifeless. The matching conditioner is a thin yellow texture and made my hair feel weighed down almost greasy. I've never seen anything like these products. I actually bought mine at a hair salon (so I know it's "real") but was so taken aback by how horribly they left my hair I decided to give feedback here. My hair is fine and generally straight but I have a lot of hair. After a little over a week of using Matrix again and my hair is starting to look and feel like I expect it to: soft, shiny, full, great movement.

  • Dale Glowacki - POA rejected by recorder of deeds in NJ

    Produced a power of attorney using the software that was rejected by the recorder of deeds in Gloucester County, NY, as it did not show the typed or written name of the principal below the signature block. Produced a number of other documents that seemed to have been ok. So far no other problems...