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  • Jess - Super cute - daughter loves this more than "Chip" (the dog robot)

    I love robots - so we recently purchased Cozmo and Chip (the robotic dog by Wowwee). While both are super fun, Cozmo genuinely seems to have more of the personality and to interact more fluidly with me, my 6 year old, and my 1.5 year old. I asked my daughter (age 6) which she preferred, and she said "Cozmo! Because he loves me more. He even says my name." To be fair, Cozmo is new and we've had Chip since last month... but I do understand what she means. Awww. She loves making little homes for him and she lets him win because he gets so upset when he loses. Definitely a toy that fosters nurturing - so cute.

  • Alan Cox - Up From the Cellar!

    I own every Marillion CD and am a longtime fan of the band. That said, when Radiation came out, I was terribly disappointed. It was painful on the ears and if there were good songs on here, I couldn't hear them through the muddy production. Having heard live versions of many of the songs, I thought there's got to be room for improvement. BAM! The remix is absolutely life giving. I can actually listen to the music now, and while it's nowhere near the top of the Marillion list of best works, this nice package, which includes the old and the new version both, plus nice artwork in a book like format, has moved it up the ranks. A vast improvement!

  • UP Powers - I love this thing and this is an easy win

    Wow is this thing fast!!! Why would you ever use anything but this is beyond me. As a parent and the days of a newborn there can be nothing as challenging as taking a temp. This is quick, effortless, and non invasive. I love this thing and this is an easy win!!! excellent product. hands down.

  • Cpt Glenn - Perfect

    Meets all expectations. Essentially this is just an earlier version of finale. I guess this might be finale 2009.