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  • Santa Clara Obstetrics Physician - San Jose Gynecology Physician - Gynecologic Surgeon in Santa Clara and San Jose - Dr. Phuong Nguyen received her medical degree from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.
  • Santa Clara Physicians - San Jose Physicians - Since started private practice in 2011, Dr. Phuong Nguyen has attended ~90% of her patients’ deliveries and urgent medical visits.
  • Santa Clara OB/GYN Services - San Jose OB/GYN Services - In order to provide more personalized care, each physician sees his/her own patients for every office or prenatal visit (or as close to this as possible) and each physician has their own personal assistant.
  • Santa Clara Obstetrical Services - San Jose Obstetrical Services - Our obstetrical services include prepregnancy, pregnancy and postpregnancy care plans for both normal and high-risk pregnancies.
  • Santa Clara Gynecologic Services - San Jose Gynecologic Services - SouthBay OBGYN Associates provide comprehensive gynecologic services, from well woman care, routine examinations and screenings to contraceptive management, menopause-related care, incontinence and bladder related care and much more.
  • SouthBay OBGYN Office Locations - To serve you better, SouthBay OBGYN have two office locations: in Santa Clara and San Jose
  • Office FAQs - Questions for SouthBay OBGYN - How do I get my records from my previous doctor being transferred to your practice?
  • Obstetric FAQs - For your convenience, we have listed answers to some commonly asked questions. Whenever possible, please write down any questions to review at your prenatal visits.

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