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  • company | Sonarome - Welcome to Sonarome - India's leading manufacturer of high Quality fragrances, flavours and seasonings.
  • History | Sonarome - The Journey of Sonarome Company Growth 1981: Sonarome was started in a small way with just two people in Peenya Industrial Area by Mrs
  • Vision | Sonarome - The Vision of Sonarome   VISION   Sonarome envisions a world of flavours and fragrances which reaches the perfection that is innate in
  • People | Sonarome - People Manned by highly-trained and experienced flavorists, perfumers and technical personnel, Sonarome can formulate that very special blend for your
  • Compliances | Sonarome - Compliance at Sonarome is not just about following the norms but about setting the norms for the industry. This is the reason why Sonarome was one of the first
  • Sustainability | Sonarome - Sustainability We at Sonarome believe in expressing our gratitude towards nature by being sustainable and responsible towards its protection.SONAROME is 100%
  • flavours | Sonarome - We offer cutting-edge flavours and seasoning blends, and a unique expertise to design confectionery, bakery and savory products combined with unrivalled
  • Flavour Products | Sonarome - Alcohol Flavours Dairy Flavours Bakery Flavours Distilled Water Flavours Fruit Juices & other Fruit based Beverages Health & Nutrition
  • Alcohol Flavours | Sonarome - Sonarome offers unique and specific flavours for alcoholic beverages.We have exciting blends for use in Whisky,Brandy, Rum,Gin,Vodka of a range of flavours of
  • Applications | Sonarome - SONAROME products are suitable for ALL food and beverages. Food includes confectionery, bakery,beverages, pharmaceuticals, savories, nutritional supplements,
  • Process | Sonarome -   SONAROME masters the different formats in which the flavours can be presented which include liquid, powders, capsules, emulsions as per the
  • Spray Dryied Flavours | Sonarome - Sonarome Presents the latest innovation and technology to generate flavours in a unique form -Spray Dried(encapsulated) Flavours Spray dried flavours
  • Fragrances | Sonarome - SONAROME blends natural essential oils and choicest aroma materials to create fine fragrances. A perfect blend of creativity with technology brings to the

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  • Eileen P. Bott - Wondercide

    I didn't even mind the strong smell but it didn't work quite as well as I would like. It needs to be applied every day to make a dent in the problem.

  • Rafal - Great price, great product

    Great price , great product , arrived on time. I've been using Lucas oil for 5 years now , one liter every oil change .

  • Tonyzany - This is a Total winner! Another great product from Hearthware!

    It's too bad it's not in stock and may not come back either, first off the price compared to the Nuwave infomercial site is incredible! The site prices are extremely deceiving! BOGO is not what it seems! The cookware you pay separate P and H that means processing and handling a new as seen on TV gimmick to over charge there customers a lot more than what should be S and P shipping and handling which is the cost for Fedx or UPS to ship an item. As far as the crapware they say is free by just paying a separate P and H is garbage cookware especially when you realize they want to charge you not only P and H but an extra charge well over $240.00 if you go for it! I bought the one Nuwave PIC here for $80.00 with free shipping! Then I bought on Amazon T-Fal Elegance induction ready 18/10 stainless steel 10 piece aluminum incapsulated bottom covered by stainless steel (very important, must be magnetically coated like stainless steel to work) for induction technology! Compared to the extra cheap crap cookware from the infomercial with the ridiculous price I bought this absolutely beautiful true induction ready 10 piece lifetime warranty T-Fal Elegance set for $75.99 at Amazon with the link in this review without tax and free shipping with Amazon prime! By the way Walmart wants $89.99 with tax and shipping for the same set! Know let's talk warranty on the Nuwave PIC? Go to or if its available here on Amazon on some items and you can get a 3 year full warranty with accident protection for about $23.00, I paid only $16.09 with tax with a 30% off coupon they sent me for being a good customer! Squaretrade is the Best warranty company in the US period! I have most of my electronics like my IPad 2, iPod touch, LED Visio TV and many others including cell phones, and when a friend dropped my iPod touch and broke the screen, Squaretrade sent me a prepaid shipping container for free and fixed it like new and had it back in a week!

  • Diane F Black - Don't Waste your time and money!

    I spent over 500 dollars and four days time. My decks looked beautiful, and then after the winter was over, the whole deck and steps are peeling. Large pieces of the paint are coming off everywhere. I am so disgusted!

  • Kevin Reynolds - A bit of a misunderstanding

    Im sure its a great cable, but I couldn't get it to function. The connection was just dead. Then a read the documentation, the cable was terminated previous to me receipt of the item. I guess I should have realized that my receiver had to have a astral plane connection port from the onset. I thought that spending all this money was going to make my normal speakers sound better, not let me commune with the dead. I have a medium coming over next week to see if my uncle Alfred can tell me where his money stash is so I can hear the spirits in stereo.

  • Nancy J. Consumer - Fine Sand Is Now Being Used, and It Gets Into the Eyes

    I used to use St. Ives scrubs all the time and loved them. The little scrubbing balls have since been out lawed because it's said they go into the ocean and fish eat them and then we eat them and it's now hazardous.

  • Anthony Yang - A Great Alternative to the OEM Fast Wireless Charger

    This a much cheaper option than the Samsung fast wireless charger. It works as advertised. Using my Galaxy S7 Edge charger resulted in the recognition of fast wireless charging. You don't have to have the phone in the exact center to make it work. Although if you really have it askew then you might find that it loses contact with the phone. I have had it for less than a week but it seems to be a quality piece of hardware and you can almost buy three of these for the price of one.