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  • Blue Ridge Pharmacy Evolves to Sona Pharmacy + Clinic. | Sona Pharmacy + Clinic - The History: In 2005, pharmacists Todd Tamplin and Dean Clayton purchased a community pharmacy on Tunnel Road in Asheville, North Carolina, with the intention
  • Sona Pharmacy | Drugstore | Asheville, NC 28803 - Learn more about Sona Pharmacy services including prescription refills, transfers and free delivery. We are located in and serve the greater Asheville, NC area.
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  • Prescription Refill | Sona Pharmacy | Asheville NC 28803 - We offer free delivery on new prescriptions, refills and transfers. Sona Pharmacy serves the greater Asheville, NC region. Call us today at (828) 298-3636.
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  • renren - Love Lifecell

    I don't know why the bad reviews on this product except maybe on account of the differences of people's skin?

  • Abby - A product that really works!!

    Let me start by mentioning the ONE thing that I didn't love about this product - the scent. Even then, it wasn't a terrible, off-putting smell, but it was very earthy, and hard to describe. It was a scent that you feel like you should recognize, but you wrack your brain, and you just cannot put your finger on exactly what it is. Given that this has the consistency of a mud mask, the smell is fitting in that context. Once I went through the rest of my hair styling products (mousse, thickener, color protector), the scent of the conditioner was masked. With that issue out of the way, I will tell you what I thought of the product otherwise - LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it. The package comes with 8 treatments which are individually packaged; each with its own shower cap. You put the treatment on, cover with the shower cap, and leave it on for at least 5 minutes. I left mine on for a little longer, perhaps 7 or 8 minutes. Each package has ample product, which is awesome. Often time, when you encounter an individual package of just about anything, it is scant, or less than adequate for your needs. This package had plenty of product, and I have to think that, depending on how long and/or thick your hair is, you could stretch two or three treatments from one pack. The formula is very thick, and covers the hair well. I spent extra time rinsing to ensure I got it all out so that it wouldn't weigh my hair down. My hair is very fine, thin, and limp, so I cannot afford to leave any heavy products in my hair, or it will fall flat. I rinsed the product out well, and followed with my regular hair care routine. My hair was noticeably fuller. I can't tell if it actually thickened each strand, but it had more volume than it normally does. I have a spot of the top of the back of my head where my scalp is ALWAYS visible through my hair. I could not see my scalp!! It was great. It left my hair very soft and manageable as well. There was no heaviness, stickiness, or residue - just great, thicker looking, shiny hair. Often, the big test for me is the "second day hair" test, when the natural oils my hair produces in abundance either get worse, better, or remain unchanged based on a new product. At worst, it was unchanged, and it felt a little less oily, if anything. This is a great benefit for me, as my hair is oily at the scalp, but dry at the ends, so I want to avoid drying it out as much as possible without looking like a grease ball. So this product gets an A there as well. Obviously, as far as hair loss prevention, I can't really say at such an early stage, but I am thrilled with the product regardless of its hair regrowth, because of the way it performed on my hair as it currently is. I recommend this product wholeheartedly, and expect it to become a regular part of my hair routine.

  • Emily Washines - Great

    Great for my 7 month old and 2 year old. It is fits better in our sedan trunk than the BOB double stroller. It fits through doorways. The baskets could be improved. We have a skiphop diaper bag that attaches to the handles. Overall, I recommend it as it helps for those quick trips out and about.