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  • cindy - The game itself is great, I just don't trust the seller to sell ...

    Game keeps freezing! The game itself is great, I just don't trust the seller to sell used items. They didn't test this one very well. That being said, I think Just Dance 4 and 5 both have better selections of songs, also the background graphics can be distracting on this one.

  • fnxyb - Never Again

    I bought this because I thought I could trust Intel and this is 'an Intel company.' Nope. Not again. I bought the one for three computers. Great price. It loaded correctly on only one of my computers, and when I sought some tech support, I ended up talking to IYogi in India. After an hour and a quarter, all I had was a high pressure sales attempt and a feeling of vulnerability because I had allowed them access to my computer. Of the six 'problems' they found on my computer I checked after I finally got off the phone, and at least three were not a problem at all. They wanted $199 to 'fix' the one computer and download McAfee for me. What a deal! It took me 15 minutes to convince the person on the other end of the line that I wasn't ready to commit. Once off the phone, I checked with a tech savvy friend who said to dump McAfee and get Kaspersky, so that's what I did. The result was that I paid $20 for a lesson in why not to ever buy or trust McAfee. Now I have Kaspersky on all three computers, and my brief, 2 day, run-in with McAfee is a sad and bitter memory. I've never given a single star before, but there is a first time for anything. Hope this saves others from making the same mistake that I made.

  • TickTockAlice - Love love love this moisturizer!!

    I've been having a problem with moisturizers lately. Either they break me out or they don't moisturize enough. This moisturizer has changed everything! My skin is break out free, moisturized perfectly, smooth, soft, and radiant. It absorbs really nicely into the skin without making my skin feel greasy. You don't need a lot of product, you can always add more product if you need, but start out applying sparingly. It's really creamy but not thick and it's easy to work into your skin. This moisturizer isn't heavily scented, it's rather light and fresh and dissipates quickly. It's really soothing and calming...when I apply it I can almost hear my skin say "Ahhhh" in relief, lol.

  • lezlie - Great

    This product works very well. I poop like everyday more than once or twice. It literally makes you poop everything out but with no pain just a strong grumble to tell you it's toilet time. I'll be buying again and again.

  • A Great Metaphor for the Lessons of Life - A Great Metaphor for the Lessons of Life

    I bought this book as a joke while attending a government management seminar at the Maritime Institute of Technology (located in Baltimore Md). I remember thinking to myself "you know life is tough, but it is even tougher when your stupid". Here is a book written by an old captain who is tired of running over fools in their pleasure boats, and wants to educate those same fools in a futile effort to save their lives. One can almost imagine a sequel written by a train engineer "How to Avoid Parking on Train Tracks". At any rate for several years now this book has graced by desk, and has served as an inspiration for more conversations than any other book I have ever owned. Remember as you go through life you need to keep a lookout for the huge juggernauts that can really ruin your day.

  • A.F. Shon - Good Cute Book

    I got the Halloween collection from this author through the free promotion and my son really liked it. So I checked out this collection. First I got the free sample and I liked that the stories were very wholesome, so I ended up purchasing. My seven year old son really liked that many of the stories have surprise endings, which makes it a fun read for kids.

  • stephen higginbotham - Have not had the chance to use the X99 EVGA ...

    Have not had the chance to use the X99 EVGA Classified yet! Doing a complete build, from what I do see however is that it is a totally different