Selamat Datang di SMK MUHAMMADIYAH LOA JANAN - SMK MUHAMMADIYAH LOA JANAN adalah sekolah yang berlokasi di Desa Loa Duri Ilir RT 16 Kec Loa Janan Kutai Kartanegara

Country:, Asia, SG

City: 103.8 , Singapore

  • Kartik Garg - Calmness without the bitter aftertaste

    Absolutely love this tea. The simplicity of the ingredients combined with the soothing smell and taste make it one of my favorites! The only thing I could ask for was a non-bleached teabag.

  • hairball - Worth the money!

    This system is amazing. I needed more range, and it certainly provided. Detached garage approximately 80 feet from router with three walls(including a brick wall) between base and satellite. Unit is blue meaning great signal, and my reception is full bars another 100 feet beyond 1500 sqft building, Reception 200 feet from router is eight times as strong as my previous TP Link Archer C-7.that didn't even reach that distance according to wifi meter I purchased.

  • David - Great design and sharp look

    Great design and sharp look. Easy to bump, set, hit. I've played with volleyballs before that feel like a balloon or playground ball. Not with this Mikasa. Everyone that has played with this ball absolutely love it

  • Central Ohio Books - Quickbooks takes a turn South with the 2016 version

    If I could give this zero stars, I would. I have used Quickbooks for over 20 years. Upgrading to the 2016 version has been a nightmare. My files have been corrupted and unrepairable, every time I get an account loaded, I have to wait for it to create a backup file, or some other time consuming process. In the past, every upgrade has been seamless and barely noticeable. I have spent hours on this upgrade with only 4 accounts. And, just when I think I am complete, I log into one of the accounts to have weird processes start all over again. I have Windows 10 and that may be the issue; I don't know. I only know that my next upgrade will probably be to transition out of Quickbooks. Worst software EVAH!