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  • Great Fall Days - Fall is finally here to stay in Maryland — at least, I think so. It’s my favorite time of year, but also usually one of the busiest and this year has been no exception. I was missing in action around here last week […]
  • 4 Years! - Today is a celebration for us – it’s the day we mark landing at Washington-Dulles airport and coming home to Baltimore to begin our life together as a family. It was quite a journey to get to that point and it was just […]
  • Ethiopia on My Mind - Four years ago today, B and I were in Ethiopia getting ready to take S and H home with us. It was an unforgettable trip, and many moments are seared into my heart and mind forever. There’s been a lot of […]
  • Goodness: It’s Out There - Haiti cannot catch a break. It makes my heart hurt. Yesterday I was thinking about how much bad news there is out there. I mean, when does it stop, right? Not just bad news, but tragic news — stuff that’s hard to […]
  • Be Kind to Yourself - I saw this video a while back and book marked it to share with you. Love Peterson’s voice, love that he’s singing with his young daughter, love the love that it’s all about. Happy Friday, friends! I’m dragging a bit […]
  • Monday Musings - Who says Fridays are the only day for publishing random musings? Let’s start the week out with a few things floating around my brain… First, the exciting news: I have a new niece! Alexandra Claire was born last week in Portland, Maine, the first […]
  • Let’s Talk Essential Oils - As a natural health enthusiast, I’ve long been interested in essential oils and have dabbled in them a bit here and there. So when Sarah Williams, a reader near Nashville, TN, contacted me to see if I’d be interested in having her […]
  • Let Your Kids Get Dirty - It seems that all those years growing up in the country pulling carrots from the ground and eating them with the dirt still on had its merits: Here’s yet another article — this time in the Wall Street Journal — about how important it is […]
  • Internet Menagerie - I’m way overdue for an trip around the web! Here are some interesting reads I’ve found over the past couple of months that I wanted to share with you. Would love to hear any thoughts, or any of finds of your […]
  • Back to (Home) School - Like every other family with kids, it’s back to school time around here. Unlike most, however, our kids won’t be going very far. And they haven’t officially started yet. This week we’re still on what we call our “summer schedule,” where […]

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  • bella - Love the authors style

    I LOVE the authors style of telling a story. I would read anything written by this author. The story pulled me in from the beginning. I have read all of the Joe Dillard books and was not disappointed. This is the first narrated book by Scott Pratt I have listened to and it was excellant ! This is not a Joe Dillard book but another spellbinding story that is a must read for fans of this author. Highly recommend.

  • Amber Hagen - feels nice

    I was shocked and how well this product worked I used it around my thighs and it seemed to significantly smooth out my cellulite I am excited to continue to try this out and see if it will improve my skin even more. I received this on discount for review but my opinions are my own.

  • Sarah Wahrmund - I love this thermometer.

    This is great. No more temps taken from the mouth. The contour of this thermometer fits so easily and comfortable in your hand. And it is so easy to use. No more fighting your child (or adult child) to take a temperature. The temperature shows up pretty fast. Boy was I surprised at how great this is. Thanks for a great product.

  • Just Another Guy - Two issues.....

    The crossbars arrived in a day or two, so fast shipping. Two issues - one was that the bars, when positioned in the proper location (both front-to-back and left-to-right thanks to the handy tips here in the product reviews) were about 3/8 of an inch short of meeting the mounting rails on each side. I bolted them in, and they flexed into position. Seems ok and sturdy so far, but slightly concerning. Secondly, the product details on the amazon site says it has a load capacity of 165 lbs, but the instructions say a load capacity of 132 lbs. Doesn't impact carrying my kayaks, but that may be an issue for some purchasers. So the two issues loses two stars from an otherwise nice looking product.

  • Andrew Tempinski - Best shoes ever.

    These shoes are amazing. I work 60-70 hours a week normally working 12-15 hour shifts at a flower shop and fast food restaurant. I was originally wearing work boots, but they were so insulated that my feet would get sweaty and start to become really tender and sore. Tried to even replace the sols with really nice breathable/gel soles. Went through them in a week.

  • Michael Lambert - Nice

    For the price, this was a great deal. My only complaint is that Windows 8 doesn't recognize that the firewall is on, despite Norton reporting it on. It has a couple annoying pop ups that I haven't figured out how to turn off, but it is pretty low profile while running and I haven't noticed any very annoying features. Installation was easy and it it fell right in with my router.

  • Cindy Kline - NOT HAPPY

    GOT IT, SENT IT BACK SAME DAY, went with the Contour HD for 30 bucks more.. best money ever spent on Contour...