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  • *SoBlessed* - Great book!

    Great book!!! Very intense. Will most definitely prepare you for the Nclex. I found the questions to be very tricky and felt like I knew nothing but, the more you answer the questions and grasp the strategies you will be OK.

  • St. Louis Cards - Disk will fall out of strap. Needs improvement. D+

    I read all the negative feedback about the disk falling out of the bracelet. Many people kindly answered my questions. And the MOOV company promptly answered my questions. So I went ahead and ordered the MOOV Now. I was SHOCKED; the engineering was worse than I could imagine. The disk is barely contained in the strap. I so wanted to like and keep this tracker. I didn't see how I could possibly wear it; I'd be scared every second that the disk was going to fall out. I just don't get it: the engineering on the disk itself and the app is so first class. And then the way they've set up the strap as if it's an afterthought. I'm very disappointed, because I really wanted to use this thing, but not like this. Please, MOOV, fix the strap so that the disk is really secure. Also, the strap is itself seemed a bit too flimsy to me. I was also concerned that it would come loose on my hand. The "clasp" didn't seem very claspy. Back to the drawing boards, my friends.

  • Clay Shooter - Ok, not as good as previous versions.

    Seems to work well, slows boot time WAY down. Based on what I was able to find online, others had the same experience. Previous versions didn't have this issue. I've since installed 2014 and haven't had the slow boot issue either.

  • Hannah Reeves - High Price

    This is about $10 more than going on the Brookstone website and buying it there. On the website it is $14.99.

  • Donna Jessup - Great Cookbook for Putting Your Favorite Recipes on Computer

    I used to have the Master Cookbook for my computerj-generated recipes. The ingredient font was small and hard to read. This Living Cookbook has a great outline and everything is easy to read. It takes a few minutes to figure out how to do everything (especially if you, like me, hate to read manuals), but once learned it is easy.