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  • tim barnes - Easy install. took 15 minutes

    Easy install. took 15 minutes. looks great. I was worried after I first ordered it & realized it said it was gonna take a month & a half to receive it but, it showed up in about a week & a half later via express mail. I have yet to see anyone else with it in my area. it's a great unique look

  • john del - Good buy for the price- Great for off road

    Reception may be impacted in a little bit when im in certain rural areas, but overall my radio works fine. Feels very well made and looks way better on my FJ than the stock antenna. I never worry about it hitting trees when i'm off road now, the old one used to hit all kinds of stuff and swing around like crazy.

  • jclark - Does not get hot enough

    I had an Amica styler that I was exchanging. They changed hands to PYT. I loved my Amica, it was super hot and would do anything to my hair. This product takes twice as long to straighen and will not curl very well. I miss my Amica. I do not recommend this product at all.

  • dickb - Tax Forms and Software for Small Businesses and Partnerships

    We have been using this software for over a dozen years for its handling of our Partnership needs. Handles everything a General or Tax-Matters Partner normally needs.

  • Robin Lea - Informative and entertaining!

    I got this either free or for a couple of dollars - I can't remember. I had a lot of fun reading it. So many little-known random facts...great conversation starters! I love how the author meanders from topic to topic. I placed lots of bookmarks, To help me find my favorite bits later. Recommended!

  • Liriope - Brilliant book, written in a language that is easy ...

    Brilliant book, written in a language that is easy to understand. I valued the manner in which the facts were compared to other authors books and information. Incredible eye opening facts re Freemansons and early history regarding Paganism and its attachment to religion in order to escape persecution. One of the best! I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

  • J. Lawrence - Undeniably irresistible

    I read this book voluntarily and give an honest review for the ARC . I love mafia books. There's always great drama, action, fighting for what they claim as theirs, and great sex and passion. Dante gets to have a lot of that. Jodie winds up a captive. What I wouldn't give to be in place! The book ended to soon for me, I could always read more.