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  • Rose - waste of money and deceptive!

    We bought this at the dealership with our new Nissan. It was presented as a wonderful product and that any SCRATCHES, dents or dings would be repaired. We thought that was a no brainer since we have 3 kids and they aren't always very careful. I just tried to make a claim on a long scratch on the door and was told scratches are not covered - NOT what the dealership told us! The customer service STINKS and I was basically told I was an idiot for not reading the warranty carefully. Don't purchase!!!!!! :( I guess I really am an idiot!

  • LJJC - THE BEST colon cleanser I have ever tried and trust me

    THE BEST colon cleanser I have ever tried and trust me, I have tried a TON of them. I'm losing 2 pounds a week and doing nothing different but taking these on a regular basis. When you go to the restroom you literally lose a good half a pound in waste. They say that the human body holds upwards to 40+ pounds of waste in the intestines at all times so this is not an exaggeration. It sounds gross, but when you check the toilet afterwards you'll be amazed at how much is in there EACH time, not just the first time. Lastly, it's gentle! You do not have that horrible uncomfortable laxative stomach pain. You just have a normal bowel movement feeling and when you go, it's like the gates of hell just opened out your intestines and let out a host of demons. (Ok, I added that part for a laugh) But seriously, I swear by this product so much that I just sent a bottle to my best friend as we go through our weight loss journey together. It works!!

  • Kathy Lecy - Great for stomach ailments

    I have been using this product for almost a year for digestive issues. My stomach used to burn almost constantly. After numerous and costly tests, it was diagnosed that my stomach produced too much acid. Despite dietary modifications and taking Nexium, I still had periods of time when my stomach burned for days on end. After using this honey 2 to 4 times daily--and it has to raw Manuka honey active16+, this is made specifically for digestive problems--for almost a year, my stomach rarely burns anymore. I knew raw honey contained healing properties, and tried "off the shelf" varieties, but none held a candle to this honey. I recommend it to anyone who has chronic stomach pain. I've alway been skeptical of natural remedies, but this honey made a believer out of me. I can drink coffee again!

  • Itachi uchiha - Very good

    If you can pay the extra money than buy from here it only took 3 days to get here and box wasnt damaged at all everything is good.

  • Daniel Cronin - Works fine,disappointing smell.

    After almost 2 months of use, an electronic "smell" is still present. To be fair, it works fine. The smell however, taints the product for me. I can only put the upc under my desk, so there's no escaping it. I will absolutely buy another brand perhaps sooner rather then later.

  • Ransomed - No orange color

    This is a beautiful shawl. I'm just letting buyers know that the reverse side of this olive colored shawl IS NOT the orange color you see on the folded back edge on the woman in the picture. It is an off white, pale tan color. You will be disappointed if you think you're getting a green and orange pashmina. There is orange only on the border design but not on the reverse of the green.

  • Adalwolf - They work great! My boyfriend uses these to stop snoring

    They work great! My boyfriend uses these to stop snoring. While it doesn't keep him from snoring entirely, it makes a huge difference and allows me to sleep without worrying about wearing earplugs or waking up constantly. They are extremely easy to apply and take off, and do not bother him at all while being worn. They are quite sticky and have never fallen off during use.