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  • DDiaz - workout

    I love this great game. It is a challenge to you mind and body. The program is adjusted to my own necessities and time. Is perfect for workout from home with your personal trainer.

  • Michael J. Sutherland - AutoCAD LT is the perfect release for the individual who is only needing to ...

    AutoCAD LT is the perfect release for the individual who is only needing to use it for 2D drafting and design. Powerful drafting features allow an individual to create solid prints for machining or other building projects as well as creating designs in the AutoCAD drawing file format for use in various CNC router platforms. So far from my experience, no other CAD platform has really come close to the 2D versatility of AutoCAD LT in its various incarnations since I learned on AutoCAD LT 2000.

  • M. Daniels - review of 1983 Guardian

    Okay this is a review of my Gerber Guardian purchased in 1983. Original black handle shiney blade. To write this review I walked less then 15' and picked up my knife. What I'm saying there is 27 years after buying it I knew exactally where it is and can lay hand on it in seconds. The blade is designed by R.W. Loveless. The blade is made out of a high carbon very hard steel. It has a dimond shape cross section for making a blood channel. I used it once to put down a deer that had been hit on the road. One poke and there was blood squirting. The wounded deer was forever out of pain in about 10 seconds. Granted I have the anatomical knowledge to use a tool like the Gerber to that affect... don't expect a careless poke to do anything other then make something very angry with you. It was my main packaging knife when I was doing military service. The stiff blade was excellent at cutting tape.... after cutting I'd draw the edge back down the tape to stick it down real good. It is NOT weighted for throwing. I can throw it and did so when I was a silly young soldier. Take the advice of an ol-phart and don't throw it.

  • Elly - Better than I thought for the price.

    This stuff is pretty inexpensive, and I thought it did a nice job for what I paid for it. It looks great, tingles nicely, and doesn't taste gross or anything. Although it's not tremendous and doesn't plump at all if you want a reliable and cheap lip gloss this is a good choice.

  • Thomas McDaniel - Dead on Arrival

    Both data cables arrived d.o.a. Both cubes worked with other data cables but neither data cable would work at all.

  • Deebi27 - You Can User External Speakers MAC users

    January 2016, I was in need of a new monitor. I came to Amazon to look. As I went to this computer and that I finally landed on this Acer R240HY. As I read and read reviews (I always read reviews and questions/answers...very valuable info is there) I noticed a reviewer who posted about those with MAC users.

  • JVergara - So much space! For activities!

    Perfectly sized for two large zoom lenses, a prime, DSLR body+grip, and an external flash. This fits best in a bag slightly larger than it's dimensions. The corresponding Timbuk2 size makes for a tight fit and has a bulky appearance. I placed mine in an old Seagull Bags large messenger. The insert includes two tall dividers and two short dividers. Versatile solution for carrying camera gear in discreet bags.