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  • Michelle Perretta - Love it!

    So far I love this mat. It's a great size! I was originally using a 17x23 mat from a different brand (wasn't self healing either). So glad I purchased this one! I used my rotary cutter on it, no visible cut after it heals. The only thing my mat smells like in an inflatable pool floaty, not even a strong scent. It doesn't bother me. It came shipped flat in a big box, very quickly. I highly recommend this mat! Can't wait to cut future projects on it.

  • Melijo - It does and OK job!

    I'm not sure I'm so impressed with this stuff. It works great for that brownish build up, but some of that can be scoured off with a little vinegar and baking soda. I'm not sure I would purchase it again? But spring has barely sprung in Massachusetts so maybe I'll find something to clean as I clean out the garage of all the junk I threw in there when it was too cold to deal with in the winter. My hopes were probably built up too high. I have something on my stove and stove grate that I can't seem to get off and this didn't do the trick either. If so I will change the review, but so far it doesn't seem any better than baking soda and vinegar or a simple magic eraser.


    got this treadmill from dicks sporting and after the salesman went through the pitch for the extended warrenty I made them an offer and got the treadmill for $1449. tax included , assembled, and with a 3 year extended warrenty . The extended warrenty is thru a company called NEW , may be good may not be, we will see.

  • mcdanman - DampRid FG50T Hi-Capacity Moisture Absorber

    I read all the reviews. Most were helpful. My Sister actually recommended this product as she uses it throughout her home.

  • B. Meister - My favorite so far!

    I have been on the lookout for a "Wen replacement"--simply for cost reasons. So far I like the Hair One brand the best. I like this one in particular because it is for color treated hair. Whether it actually helps keep my color longer I'm not sure yet. The scent is light and pleasant. It cleans but leaves my hair soft and silky without drying it out.

  • D. Hariharan - Review material, that never fails you.

    CPA review books and test bank CD are being followed as the course materials for our class room review program for the last 10 years. Students achieved highest success rates and many students score more than 90+ in their exam, I personally followed this book for my CPA exam. I passed in first attempt. The book is nicely organized and the MCQs are well designed to impart all knowledge required to pass the exam,

  • Just Want Coffee - ECMP50

    This machine does produce good espresso, but it is not durable. I purchased the maching in January, the pump stopped working the end of May. I called the company, they replaced it. New one arrived the beginning of June, began leaking out the bottom of the tray two weeks later. The company informed me it'll be September before they can replace it and offered a much cheaper model as a replacement. I'm very disappointed in both the product and the customer service offered.