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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • Amazon Customer - Catch em all!

    Great reel so far! Very easy to dial in and has awesome feel and very smooth mechanically! Will buy again!

  • Randori - This is how the car should have come!

    This intake is excellent. The materials and quality is perfect. I purchased this intake because it had a 3" inlet pipe and that was going to help me achieve my eventual tuning goals. I chose the Roush intake over the COBB because it looks very much in place in the engine compartment. It has a subtle but bold look. I much prefer the open element filter and the custom airbox cover to a loose filter option. The most significant feature of the Roush intake is that the turbo spooling and recirculation valve sound is perfectly clear. The feedback from the noises through the intake is definitely welcome on a car as fun to drive as the ST. The nature of the Focus ST prevents significant peak horsepower gains without custom programming, but this intake definitely lets the power come on earlier. I am very satisfied with the part itself, the extremely high quality look in the engine bay, and how the car drives with it on.

  • Liz J - Perfect

    These are exactly what I was looking for! A nice classic fit with a mid rise and the olive color is spot on. :) I'll probably buy the red/cranberry color as well!

  • MikeJMike - Pump broken 2 times out of 4

    The lotion is excellent, but the pump breaks easily so the overall product gets 4 stars. I've purchased this four times and on two of those purchases, the pump was broken on the bottle. Only option is to return it for a replacement which was a hassle. If it only happened once I wouldn't make an issue but 2 out of 4 convinced me to dock it a star and avoid purchasing online in the future.

  • M. Dowdie - If you don't have to upgrade to this version, don't.

    I haven't yet seen any new features or benefits to this version over Quicken 2013. I can't see a single thing to recommend this version over previous versions. On the other hand, this "upgrade" comes with the slew of bugs, new and old, and performance problems I've come to expect after the last few new releases of Quicken.