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  • Amazon Customer - It's as advertised

    Love it. Going to order a second so I'll have one for each hand. At times its difficult to tell when the burners lit but once it's done if it's in the cover it lasts longer then stated. And you can stop it from burning just remove the burner smartly. I have to stress be SURE there is no fluid around the outside even if it appears to have dried up. If some wastes i wash it off the warmer because it will catch fire where the fluid was.

  • Massandra - This is incredibly awesome!

    I bought this in order to keep a few things like an iPod charged when I travelled to the middle of nowhere in Alaska for a month and stayed in a cabin that had no electricity. I was worried that being so far north with the sun being so low on the horizon all the time that it wouldn't work well, but I was shocked to find out that it charged my iPod just as if I plugged it into a wall socket. Even if it got fairly cloudy it would work, but a little slower. An iPod needs to receive a certain amount of voltage to trigger it to start charging, so it wouldn't charge if it was extremely cloudy, but the battery pack would regardless of how cloudy it got.

  • Discover - Nice mats for 3 season use

    Nice mats for 3 season use. These are not good for northern winters. They allow runoff from Sloppy winter boots and shoes to collect on the carpet by the peddles and foot rest. I have had these for two winters and am looking to replace them. Lots of white salt residue left on the carpet.

  • Pen Name - Great for the Money, but Read my Review...

    Anyone unhappy with this purchase needs to keep in mind they're paying little more than $120.00 for a 10" Android tablet. It's not bad for the money, but it's no iPad. There's nothing wrong with this if you want to watch something on Netflix or perhaps read an ebook. However, it's not the fastest device for surfing and or perusing through articles online. I told my wife before we bought this, I was sure the quality was sub-par (compared to my son's iPad at about $800.00 when we bought it) and her Kindle Fire. IT IS SUB-PAR by comparison, but you're paying $120.00+/- for 10" viewable screen. I would recommend this devise for all that I have referenced above. If you're impatient (expect instant response from your device), I don't recommend it for surfing the Internet. Again, it's $120.00 +/-. Don't expect too much for so little.

  • Eileen Kilborn - Great product

    Good service and excellent product. I had one before and really like how it does get the bacteria removed easily.