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  • Joanne K ODonnell - Do not buy. Useless when I needed it.

    I purchased this and had it for some time. The device is great. The app is a 0 out of 10. It was always spotty when I tested it, sometimes working and other times failing to find my gps.

  • PghYinzer - Works great but too pricey to use all the time

    I'm writing this as a hairy woman - just some disclosure. ;-) I hate to shave and tend to just go hairy for long periods of time, but sooner or later I have to wear a bathing suit or shorts. When that happens, I will either wax or use a cream to get through the hair (too hard to attack it all with a razor) I have had good luck with Veet taking all the hair off, but it also takes the skin off. The Nair for women didn't take skin off, but also didn't take all the hair off. I tried the Nair for men and after 8 minutes or so all the hair came off and none of the skin. Skin was left nice and soft, no nasty rash like from shaving. Legs feel smoother the next day than from shaving. But it's just so pricey and time consuming to do this... Probably not that much more TIME than shaving really but at least shaving is active whereas with this you end up standing around naked with your legs gooped up watching the clock which can feel like a long time. Works great, though!

  • Maria - too bad is not permanent

    It was ok... too bad is not permanent. .. you definitely see a difference when you work out... do squads and lounges

  • snorkie - Can't live without this one

    I have been using these pads every morning and night for years. They exfoliate wonderfully and keep the lines at bay.

  • Amazon Customer - It works.

    My boyfriend and I feel like we've finally discovered the cure for bad breath. Not only does my mouth stay fresh all day, but I can even eat candy without getting coated teeth. I struggle with tonsil stones too, and this really has taken care of that. It even seems to lessen morning breath (doesn't eliminate it completely, but it definitely helps). My mouth did taste a bit metallic for the first couple days of using it, but after a couple days that completely went away. I also like the toothpaste. EDIT: I found some tonsil stones today, so I guess it doesn't eliminate them. But it does really seem to neutralize the odor - I couldn't taste them like I usually can. EDIT: It's been around six months since my last edit, and I haven't had any tonsil stones since. I usually get them much more often than that, so the mouthwash does seem to help. I don't go a day without it.

  • Jean M Bristow - it works great. WE WILL NEVER BY ANOTHER ELEMENT

    Bought Element 32" Christmas 2014, never could get TV to work. Walmart would not take the TV back, said we would have to send it back to the company, it would cost more to do that than the TV would work. We could watch DVD's but no TV, now 1 year later we can't even watch DVD's.