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  • Lee Thornton - Over all good product.

    Packaged and shipped well. Came on time and looked great out of box. Rubber seal was missing and was part C on instructions. This is the part between hood and grill. Took some time to install because the medal clamps would not stay in. After moving off road wiring lights around and using old clips I got grill to stay in place. Over all it looks great on my Jeep and I have received many complements.

  • chucko182 - The work fine, but break after just a couple uses

    I have received two Cooper Coolers as gifts. The first stopped pumping water after a few uses. Then my friend bought me a replacement for Christmas. That one broke on the third use. Now it just makes a faint humming noise. I contacted the Cooper Cooler folks and they said my unit was out of warranty, and offered to sell me another one at a discount. Needless to say, I passed on their offer.

  • Ajtrek - The Asus RT-AC5300: A Great Router with a Few Short-Comings

    This is a review of the Asus RT-AC5300.  I’m not going to get all techy; but just give you IMO what the average person is concerned with. That being said the Asus RT-AC5300 is not a router that the average person needs and may disappoint those accustomed to an Apple Time Capsule (I’ll explain later). There are less expensive alternatives that will suffice for most. Furthermore, there are no wireless devices on the market that can take full advantage of the speeds offered by this beast. Only a handful are capable of using the MU-MIMO feature which happen to be a few select cell phones – no PC’s.

  • Sue Ann - Cheap Transfer Interferes with Great Film

    Starting from the cheap computer effects introduction from third-rate VCI Entertainment and an ancient Patrick McNee video introduction, my heart sank -- I knew immediately that I had been had. The DVD said "restored and remastered from the original 35mm negative", but this could not be further from the truth. The picture and audio is atrocious, belying the no-budget nature of this release. Be under no illusions -- there was no restoration or remastering involved here. It is amazing that such a fraud would be perpetrated in this age of routine restorations of even the most mundane films. Perhaps Criterion can get a hold of this.

  • Victor Torres - HD Audio?! yeah right, keep dreaming.

    I ordered the MagicJack Plus in addition to my regular MagicJack (which I've had for the past 4 years)