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  • DonnaHok - I-Ops Team Learning to live.

    The Immortal Ops team was given an elimination order that came from higher ups. The problem is that it’s a woman and no one on the team want to kill a woman. From the moment Captain Lukian seem the targets (Peren) picture, all he could think was mine. The team set it up that they were to meet Peren and her friend in a bar and go from there. But plans do sometimes go awry. This is the first of the series and yet a self-contained story. It’s also the extended version and is even better than the first. Well written and extremely entertaining to read.

  • Amazon Customer - but it's not like a miracle product that blocks 100% of smells because ...

    Okay, it definitely works, but it's not like a miracle product that blocks 100% of smells because it doesn't cover up the smell during the time the poop is hovering between your butt and the bowl. (Just being honest, okay!) I love that it doesn't just try to cover up the poop smell with flower smells. It actually blocks them from escaping the bowl. The scent itself is citrusy and quite good. And it looks great in the bathroom. HOWEVER, if you have a water saving toilet where the water level is very low in the bowl, you will have less surface area to cover, which means your poop might break the surface and still smell. Basically, once the poop is submerged in water, the smells will be blocked, but all unsubmerged poops will continue to smell.

  • Wpbeech - Rip off by manufacturer

    The product was as described. However, what I did not consider was what would happen when the floor cleaner ran out? Well, of course, you need to buy more and buy more and buy more pads and on and on and on. The internet has a recipe for replacement floor cleaner. I haven't tried it, but it seems like it would be a lot more environmentally friendly than this product.