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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • antiark - great tasting

    Well, i cant really speak to the medicinal properties of this tea supplement as i havent taken it for a full month(i will follow up) i can say that this tea tastes great and do believe teas hold holistic values. i would recomened this based off of taste and positive thinking towards cleansing.

  • alohakini - Not DOT/SAE compliant.

    I like them a lot but they are not SAE/DOT compliant which is evidenced by the fact it is printed on the lights so a safety inspection will require putting the stock lights back on. The box and manufacturer claim it is but the certificate they send you has the Food and Drug Administrations Logo on it. It would be easier to just stamp the lights with it then make up a cheesy certificate and say it on a printed box. Front and Rear lights in the U.S. must say DOT/SAE on them. Other than that they are some good looking lights.

  • LinZeeDee - Love how Mandy weaves the lives of two unlikely people ...

    Love how Mandy weaves the lives of two unlikely people together and leaves the readers on the edge of their seats rooting for the love of these two!

  • Rachel Q - Love this book. It saved my teeth!

    I am a runner. In August of 2013, I took a nasty fall and all of my front teeth got loosened. I had so much pain that the dentist recommended root canal. I did not want that at all, so I started to look for alternatives. I purchased this book and decided to give oil pulling a try. I started three months ago. The pain was gone after one month of doing oil pulling one to three times per day. I also brushed my teeth with Dr. Christopher’s Formula Herbal Tooth & Gum Powder once per day. Yesterday, I had my dental checkup. The hygienist told me that my gum tissue was very healthy because there was no blood during the cleaning (sorry for the gory description). Then the dentist came and he examined both the X-Rays and my teeth and he said: “Everything looks pretty darn nice!” My teeth are stronger than ever and feel and look great!

  • 68Eagle - Controls on right earbud

    At first they didn't fit, well.LOL had them on backwards and right on left side. The controls are on the right earbud, makes sense for us righthands. The sound is fantastic, matches my old iPad with equalizer. Crisp and clear sound, feels good on. With these I removed my equalizer app, on my Samsung Galaxy 6. If you understand the difference in sound, these are for you. I use the working out at an exercise club. Would purchase again.

  • JetDriveSolutions - A Screen Thats is Better Than the MacBook Air

    I'm a web developer, and I'm the founder of an IT/Tech start-up. I was always very interested in the Chromebook OS, and I finally decided to purchase this device. I'm stunned. The quality and functionality of this device is far beyond what I expected, especially for the price. The Chromebook OS is far better that I had thought, and I actually like it. Since I do a lot of work on browser-based clients (i.e Google Docs, Zed..etc.) I can do everything I used to do on this Chromebook, with incredible productivity. Let me go over some pro's and con's with you.