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City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Amazon Customer - Much better than the patches in that I feel it does ...

    Much better than the patches in that I feel it does help to supress my appetite. Have been using a week now. I have not weighed, but I'm not eating as much.

  • Hernan J. Aponte Malave - This is the 60 inch review

    This TV is awesome fully compatible with xbox one s the features and apps the 4k that screen is out of this world the colors the contrast the sharpness you can customise it to whatever settings you want it can mirror screen and play Playstation now it h a s a website browser the only thing I would say it's the sound not bad but could be better but fixable with a home theater or sound bar. The its incredible it has to be seen to be explained .

  • Jordan Aviano - It's ok

    It's ok...... If you never want to take the case off. Or don't want to use a screen protector because it wont work with 1. I've tried multiple times. Different screen protectors.

  • Patsy - Weight limit not what advertised

    The write up in Amazon list the weight limit as 300 lbs, which is why I picked this chair. When it arrived the package information says the weight limit is only 242 lbs. I needed a chair for a heavier person. Other than that everything seems good.

  • Kisha B. - Great book and was worth the wait!

    Is loved the book and loved Gabe and Val! So happy how it all wrapped up and can't wait for mote of Ana and Dmitry. I can't wait to learn more about the new Medlov's. I love this family and their adventures and you never disappoint Mrs. Welch!

  • tomato - Novel to use

    I am trying not to turn into a daily coffee person. I also am trying to limit my soft drink consumption. However, sometimes I still really want caffeine. I had not heard of this way of getting a caffeinated drink before running across lyft on amazon. I had heard about caffeine powder, which I didn't even realize was a thing, but sadly then read an article about kids and pets getting into the powder and overdosing. I like the lyft delivery system much better than just a powder, as I feel like the sticks make it harder for kids and pets to get into easily. Obviously, still keep the sticks away from little ones and pets.

  • Serious Reviewer - Safety Concern

    I tried this cleaner several times for upholstered chairs and it seems to clean properly. The stains were removed and a pleasant fragrance remained. However, I am concerned about the safety of this product. Why would 3M produce a product that is so dangerous. There are various inhalation, skin irritant and flammability warnings that would disturb a customer and possibly divert them from buying.