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  • JWright - Great ball but not my favorite

    This ball is top quality but it seems just a bit smaller than standard...even when measuring 4.5 lbs air pressure. It also took a little longer than expected to break in. As much as I love my ball none of my volleyball friends want to use it if they have their wilson handy. I also noticed that the outdoor volleyball assoication prefers the Wilson AVP Outdoor Leather Volleyball.

  • Ramjet - Only good thing about it was it was only 1

    Only good thing about it was it was only 1.99 Worst sound, cinematography, plot and acting I have ever seen. I know I can't get back the 40 minutes I spent trying to watch it, but I wish I could at least get my money back.

  • Catrine - Easy to download

    I only have 1 pc with windows 7 that needed protection. I always renewed the Norton at $50 per year for 3 liscenses. I wanted something more affordable so I went with this. I just downloaded it yesterday ,so I hope it protects like my last anti virus. The price was too good to pass up. I can see how some people had trouble with this. Luckily, I did not have to call any support, like I have in the past. Only time will tell but I had to take the chance.

  • A. Coraccio - Mind of its own

    I am gadget guy and when amazon had these on sale for 170 I jumped at chance to get them, once we got them in and set up, the system kept putting the temp at ranges I did not want.