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  • Matthew Clark - always classic

    I got hooked on this series in college (thanks Professor Callahan). A very great anthology for the years best shorts


    2016 Obama's America is one of the best political documentaries ever made that I've seen in my 60 years! The producer Dinesh D'Sousa uses himself and his own life path and past to draw a comparative line between himself and the present Occupant of the Oval Office. In the process of his deep investigation of Obama's "roots," he uncovers & exposes the many controversial elements of Obama's past life that clearly show us why Obama truly hates American freedoms. He exposes Obama's "lost & found" connection to his father. Though the author/producer is conservative,he does not use empty rhetoric or criticism to denigrate Obama's obvious Marxist/socialist/progressive ideals. Dinesh was born into the colonialism of British controlled India.Obama's Kenyan father was raised in the post-colonial,post WWII era of Kenya's growth.Combining these life experiences with Obama's male mentors,in absence of his own father,Dinesh clearly reveals Obama's communistic and socialist goals & desires of changing America from it's very core. The documentary is well researched and includes many one-on-one live interviews with Obama's relatives and Obama's father's living political associates. It is sad that so many Americans would openly endorse and even worship a man that they know so little about and allow that man to rip out the core freedoms of America. 2016 is not long nor is it distasteful in its accomplishments.It truly opens your eyes to Obama's true agenda for "changing" America!

  • Brigitte Rose - The energy supplied by this product is not over-the-top, ...

    The energy supplied by this product is not over-the-top, and two caps in the morning greatly reduce my appetite for the rest of the day. I am losing weight while being very aware of what I eat, and portion control is much easier with Zantrex-3.

  • McGroarty - Retina MacBook and iMac users: take note

    Warning: This program is still not Retina-ready. If you're using a MacBook Pro or a retina iMac, you have two choices:

  • Amazon Customer - Three times less expensive than the subscription version (Office 365) if you own your computer for six years, and less hassle!

    This is the traditional version of Microsoft Office like in the past, that will never expire and does not require a subscription! You download it and install it and your copy will work and remain licensed for as long as you own the machine. I just bought it to put on a new Dell laptop that I'm hoping to get seven years out of.