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  • Dr David Bartlett - Dr David Bartlett is the Practice Principal of Robina Town Medical Centre, which he opened in July 1996, just after the opening of Robina Town Centre.
  • Dr Aruni Abeywardena - Dr Aruni Abeywardena has been a GP for over 26 years, and is also a supervisor for our Registrar GP’s.
  • Dr John Barr - Dr John Barr (M.B.Ch., FRACGP) joined Robina Town Medical Centre in 2006. John has a special interest in lifestyle modification and nutritional solutions.
  • Dr Lisa Beecham - Dr Lisa Beecham was the first GP to join our practice back in 1997. She completed 5 years training in Paediatrics at the RCH in Brisbane.
  • Dr Ailie Brown - Dr Ailie Brown completed her residency at Gold Coast Hospital and joined the practice in 2015. Her special interests are Children's Health and Women's Health.
  • Dr Roger Halliwell - Dr Roger Halliwell has provided comprehensive medical care on the Gold Coast since 1995 and coordinates the complex care needs for chronic health conditions.
  • Nicole Hutchison - Dr Nicole Hutchison enjoys Paediatrics and Preventive Health, her special interests are Women's Health and Obstetrics/Gynaecology.
  • Dr Megan Kelly - Dr Megan Kelly completed her undergraduate degree at the University of QLD and her Masters of Clinical Physiology at Griffith School of Medicine.
  • Dr Louise Knapp - Dr Louise Knapp studied at UQ and Griffith University and specialises in General Medicine, Women's Health and Paediatrics.
  • Dr Jane Smith - Dr Jane Smith originally hails from England and is an experienced medical educator and academic. She practises in all areas of General Medicine.
  • Dr Robert Tiller - Dr Robert Tiller (M.B.ChB) trained in Dunedin, NZ and joined Robina Town Medical Centre in 2005. Robert enjoys practising in all areas of general medicine.
  • Dr Peter Barry - Dr Peter Barry (MBBS, FRACGP) completed his medical studies at UQ. His special interests are Men's Health, Child Health and Sports Medicine.
  • Dr Graeme Brown - Dr Graeme Brown enjoys all aspects of General Practice with a particular focus on Preventive Medicine and Chronic Disease Management.
  • Dr Alex Denshire - Dr Alex Denshire graduated in 2011 from University of Notre Dame, Sydney. Completing her internship at Tweed Hospital, she joined us Feb 2015.
  • Dr Annelies Geissler - Dr Annelies Geissler has broad experience from Paediatrics to Adult Medicine and Psychiatry. Women's Health, Shared Antenatal Care, Mirena / Implanon insertion

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    Another movie out of hollywood's movie mill. It seems these days it's all about entertaining you through constant action sequences without any real story to tell or having any real substance. There is no real connection to any of the cliché sidekick characters - a bow wielding female, axe wielding maniac, knife throwing stealthy dude, etc. Yawn. They try their best to take the super out of supernatural affirming mythological creatures (you know, the cool stuff they can do in movies) as mere myth, including any obvious hints Hercules may actually be the son of Zeus, and force you to sit through most of the movie watching 'been there done that' mele battles between armies controlled by the cliché (deceiving) evil king. The most uninteresting Hercules/movie yet.

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    I like Slick 50 products, and this lubricant works as advertised. Reduced squeaks in my car, keeps the hood and door parts moving well, and seems to last longer than competing products. Yeah!!

  • Sarah Jane Frederick - Four Stars

    Love stories about the Irish immigration, their bravery, hardships, and endurance. Captivating from beginning to end.

  • Rennat - Fast and fun car

    Our third Prius. We still have a 2003 Prius and a 2008 Prius. The 2008 has 181,000 miles on it. (Still going strong.) My wife drives this new 2016 Prius Four. Best car yet. Buy one if you can. Power mode is a hoot to use too! This is a new feature for Prius. Very quick when used.

  • D. Edward Tench - Holy and unholy prophecies can agree?

    Some people doubt and scoff at end-time theories of any kind but "...they know not what they do." Some eschatological theorists view Mecca as the seven-hilled Babylon of modernity and expect an Islamic Antichrist. Thomas Horn's argument - offered in Zenith (and his other books as well) - that "all roads lead to Rome" should give both camps pause. Many consider the Vatican to be leading the way when it comes to continuing the false mystery religion of yore. The reality of course, is that the entire world has been infected by the lies that first became institutionalized in the days of Nimrod. Time will tell which false system will introduce the pseudochristos to the world.

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