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  • get it. use it. see the results - get it. use it. see the results

    Diagnosed with cancer went through the ops and then read this book. Am fully following the criteria mentioned and have immediately noticed a drastic change in the way my body is responding. Fill clean, fresh and fully rejuvenated. This is a great read for a positive approach to taking CHARGE of something that does not have to be a negative force.

  • Dennis Cairns - The Proper Elixir!

    The story exhibits just the right blend of humor, insightfulness, and depth within a compelling, imaginative story line. I can’t wait to read more!

  • Bebop66 - Disaster for composers and Finale users.

    Finale 2014 us the worst update to any scoring program ever! I dropped my endorsement status with them it's so bad. If you have 2010 and haven't upgraded to Yosemite yet, count your blessings and promise yourself that you won't do either upgrade for as long as you can! Yosemite and Final 2014 are disasters for musicians and composers on a Mac. I curse the day I upgraded to either of these! Stay on 2010 as long as you can!

  • What Am I Doing - Clean your Washer?

    When I started cloth diapering, I joined this Facebook page called "Fluff Love & CD Science" and not only did I learn all about cloth diapers and how best to clean them, but I also learned more about cleaning my washing machine, something I didn't even realize needed to be done. They actually recommend these tablets and so does my masher manufacturer (I have a Maytag Maxima X). I just pick the afresh clean cycle and throw one in and less than an hour later it is done. Then I take a rag, wet it with some diluted bleach, and wipe down the inside of the door and the rubber seals. It's super easy and I feel like after I use these Afresh tablets, my washer does not have that weird mildew-y smell anymore.

  • Kendall Chapman - Fantastic product and very well priced!

    I really like this product, and the only thing I would change would be to make it a bit thicker on the wrist end, but that's because I have long hands. Otherwise, it's a fabulous product for the price point. Why spend a ton more on the same thing? It's super easy to use, carry along in a laptop bag, and is quite ergonomic. Now, my wrist doesn't hurt after long bouts of gaming, which equals? You guessed it! More gaming! The mouse slides gracefully across the fabric surface and the rubber bottom keeps the pad from sliding around when you least expect it to. Would totally repurchase!

  • Jeff Benham - Bumoy road onthe way to Shiloh Ranch!

    On the road again. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. Well not exactly. The Ryman’s finally get the old Jeep on the road, but the highway is the most dangerous place for them. This story covers days 15 to 19 of the blackout. They have hopes that if they can make it to the Shiloh Ranch, they might escape some of the turmoil happening around them. You meet all sorts of people on this road trip. Like Betty Jean Pusser, daughter of legendary Sheriff Buford Pusser, who does not think her father’s death was an accident, and is rumored to have done something about it. And Old Man Percy, who Sho ‘Nuf didn’t even know there was a blackout because he didn’t have no electricity no how. “My mama always said ya lives by da sun and ya dies by da sun.She weren’t never wrong.” Most of the folks you meet along this journey, though, are not this colorful. There are bad folks that want to take what isn’t theirs, no matter the cost to others. There are those that are confused and lost and there are good people that will defend what is theirs against all comers. Like the ten maidens in Jesus’ parable about the bride groom. Some were prepared and some were not. Enjoy the ride knowing the Rymans are the ones getting shot at, and who are shooting back, not you. As you probably surmise, they finally get to Shiloh Ranch, but that is a book for another telling. I love the action and the reality of these story, along with the fact that it is suitable for all ages.

  • sloanoverlock - Like it should be able to

    Impressed with this so far. I was skeptical how a very dark black powder could whiten teeth, doesn't see. Like it should be able to, but I have noticed slight whitening happening. I have only been using this product for a few days, so I can't wait to see the results another couple of weeks will make.