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  • Kindle Customer - I love, love

    I love, love, love it! So many of the regional foods he writes about are so familiar to me. I already make a lot of them, but I am always happy to try new ones. Wings, and beef on weck? I'm from Buffalo! Loose meat and runza? I have family in Iowa, Slippery Pot pie and beef with noodles? My dad grew up in PA. KC ribs? I live there now! I'm only halfway through and I can't wait to find out what other goodies are in store.

  • eric benson - If I ever got the replacement or the new one I might like it again

    The first ones I had were awesome, worked and then either stopped syncing with my phones or the corner pieces snapped off. Which is upsetting, but I could have lived with because I was supposed to be getting replacements for mine, my wife, and daughter's.

  • Tanya S. Willis - Very intriguing

    I just finished the TR Ragan Lizzy Gardner series and this book was recommended. I love Tracy's character and look forward to reading the book series about her. I think those of us who enjoy reading about some excellent mystery, murder, and detective work will fall quickly for these books in this series.

  • Amazon Customer - The next level of Brain Power!

    I like it because it has definitely helped clear up my head. I was feeling congested, I couldn't break things down and often I'd forget what I was doing and have to start again. As a very organized person, this becomes frustrating. Working two jobs, running a business and being in Comp Prep is a lot for your brain to take on at once, so I'm glad we got the opportunity to try it.