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  • Kelly Boetcher - WASTE OF MONEY

    We bought this product to treat several areas where our cats had urinated on the carpet. I might as well have dumped plain water on the areas. This product did NOTHING to get the urine smell out, even after multiple applications. Save your money and time and spray the area with a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar, let it dry, sprinkle with baking soda, pour 1/4 cup peroxide mixed with 1 drop of dish soap on the baking soda, let dry, and vacuum up. MUCH cheaper and actually works!

  • Khandyland - Each device is really easy to install

    This electronic pest repeller works really well. It helps to permanently rid your home of pests by emitting ultrasonic noise and electromagnetic waves that can pass into the walls and irritate the pests which makes them go away. No need to spend thousands on harmful chemicals. This pest repeller can start working in as soon the first week. This is the safest form for rat repellent, mouse repellent, mouse repellent, mosquito repellent and more.

  • Amazon Customer - energized - and best of all - they taste good

    I had used body by V for so long - I had a issue b/c of my back and several medications I took, so I had to stop for a bit. I am now going to start reordering them b/c they truly made me full, I felt awake,energized - and best of all - they taste good.i liked mine plain, many add fruit.

  • Barbara Wilson - Awesome product. Worked just as well as the original ...

    Awesome product. Worked just as well as the original massive antenna that came with the truck. Very fast shipping. Would definitley use again.