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  • http://ringwormreport.com/ringworm-information/anti-fungal-supplements/ Anti-Fungal Supplements - Infections caused by fungus are quite common and they can develop in different parts of the body like, lungs, toe nails, sinuses and vagina.
  • http://ringwormreport.com/ringworm-information/methods-of-stopping-ringworm-from-spreading/ Methods of Stopping Ringworm from Spreading - Ringworm is an unpleasant skin condition that has no association with real worms. This condition occurs when certain types of fungi infect the skin causing scaly patches.
  • http://ringwormreport.com/ringworm-information/homeopathic-treatment-for-ringworm-in-children/ Homeopathic Treatment for Ringworm in Children - Ringworm can prove to be a very serious problem for the people who have a weak immune system. It transfers from one person to another through the usage of shared items.

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  • Lou Tennant - Nice but defective

    My shirt came with the wolves printed on the inside of the shirt and the seams and tag on the outside of the shirt. Not recommended.

  • Dennis York - Rough Arm relief

    Use as the last thing before rinsing off. Has helped my red rough upper arms and forearms. At least the redness is neutralized. Also gave to 2 of my daughters who have inherited this unsightly problem.

  • Maclana M. - Great!!!

    Great!!! I got it like a month ago and still havn't had to charge it. It has charged my phone all the way 5 times now.

  • Kevin - Save it for a rainy day..

    I was hoping this would come with a liner inside but it doesnt. It repels the rain nicely but if it's cold out make sure to wear a sweatshirt or something warm under it.