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  • Aly13Gav - Completely Inappropriate and Problematic

    The Day of the Dead is a historically significant holiday in Mexico. Wearing this costume exploited elements of that culture without actually acknowledging its history and its rich meaning. This costume reduces a complex tradition into a flimsy outfit for one-time use. I'm giving this costume one-star because Halloween is all about having fun and enjoying ourselves-but it doesn't have to be at the expense of cultures, histories and entire traditions. If you want to celebrate the Day of the Dead I recommend learning more about it and its meaning, instead of wearing it as a costume because you think it looks cool.

  • thatGuy - I've never been more impressed

    Look. I'll tell it to you straight. I like chicks with mullets, and chicks with mullets like this shirt. What more could you ask for?

  • jellybean - Wonderful stuff for my face- I have used many brands ...

    Wonderful stuff for my face- I have used many brands and this is the best. My skin is soft and some of the age spots are fading.

  • Garrett - This is a great little machine

    This is a great little machine! Looking for the best value, you have found it! 1080p screen at this price with this kind of performance is awesome. Now bare in mind I have upgraded mine with a 128 SSD I had laying around and a opticle drive to HDD drive caddy. I also purchased another 4gb or ram for it for a total of 8gb (2x4gb, yes it has another slot inside).

  • Marcel McCarve - Reading Bargain

    My son adores this book and anything that gets him reading earns a thumbs up from me! Bonus: the price on Amazon is almost 50% less than what they were selling it for at his school book fair. Go figure.

  • Nadeem Mian - Highly Recommend, Excellent Product

    My car burned about 2-2.5 quarts of oil every 4500 miles and I started to add this with every oil change and after just 3 oil changes, my car does not burn a drop of oil anymore. I am very pleased with this product. Now I don't even add this and take my car about 5000 miles between oil changes without any problems.