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  • Adriana - It woorked :-)

    I got it for my mother who had half of her big toe nail eaten by a fungus, and two years into it no Doctor was finding a cure for it :-/. So I decided to give this a try and after 2 months of religiously applying it twice/day... that nail started to grow back :-)

  • Dan B - A very good product and seller!

    This stuff cost $20 at Great Clips. This is the same exact item for $11. Very good quality and it doesn't leave your hair stiff or with a feminine smell. They could improve on the design of the bottle. It's not the best of appearances for a man, but if this is the worst thing I have to deal with in life, I'm doing well (in other words, it's tolerable). A good product and seller!

  • salt of the earth - cute, soft, just the right volume, with nice voice and seems to be built well.

    not sure what all the hoopla is on the other reviews about this little guy. .....I think that he is adorable..and worked perfectly right out of the box. While it is a little old fashioned in that it has a voice box inside of the toy that you pop out from the back Velcro opening, it is also fun and functional and pretty easy to use...I think perfect for it's intended audience. All the described voice prompts work loud and clear, and the buttons on all the limbs, ears, and tummy work just fine with a perfectly easy amount of poking pressure from my 1 year old niece. The voice is caring and pleasant, and the baby seems tickled to have it singing to her. She, within the day, was repeating hello...and was working on good night.

  • lisasand - Great product!

    I have been using this custard for a month along with the knot today and I think I have found a combination that works! Prior to this I used at least 4 different products combined to achieve the look that I wanted. The best thing that I like about kinky-curly custard is that I can use water the following day to re-activate and not use additional products which make my hair heavy. My hair has been so shiny and moisturized everyday since I have started using it! I am going to order my second jar soon. Absolutely great product! I have been wanting to try it for at least a year but the price kept putting me off, as I didn't know if it would work for my hair.

  • M. Zinn - Software works perfectly, does what is is supposed to do.

    Theer is no better backup software on the market and for the price. It installed with no problems on my XP and Vista machines. I use it to clone my hard drives but it does much more. I recently used it to clone my laptop drive, then upgraded the drive to a larger one and put the cloned image onto the new drive. Worked perfectly. Have had absolutely no problems since installed two months ago. Highly recommended.

  • M3TR05TAT10N - used it in school love it i kinda got out of it but if ...

    used it in school love it i kinda got out of it but if you go to their website and look around you can get the full program for free if the school you go to is in it i did worked great thinking about redownloading it its fun to mess around with

  • Candice - Try this if you have clogged pores, you will be glad.

    This product is great, mine didn't come with instructions but I had used it before at a girlfriends house, it cleans my pores amazing. And at a quarter of the price the mall kiosks offer. Try it, you will be glad you did.