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  • Kim Ward - I would have been okay with not having the best results since this was supposed to be a "free" ...

    Tried the "free" one-month trial; had minimal effects even though I followed the directions. I would have been okay with not having the best results since this was supposed to be a "free" trial. HOWEVER, they neglected to tell you that they put you in a Loyalty program with a recurring monthly fee of $149.83, which is in addition to the cost of the pills. When I noticed the charge on my bank statement and called to complain about not knowing about this loyalty program, they basically said too bad, that it was already charged to my account. I don't condone or agree with businesses that engage in shady practices, regardless of how great their product supposedly is.

  • The Gooch - If you just want finely ground coffee, this is for you.

    This is my first burr style grinder so I have nothing to compare it to. I've primarily been using it on a coarse setting for my French Press and it works great so far (used 10+ times) and the price is right. Once I figured out the grind settings (wasn't completely clear in the instructions) I've been good to go.

  • K.M. - Easy to install and stable with car seat

    Installation is so easy, all it requires is putting the ends of the adapter into the stroller until you hear it click! I was worried about the stability of the set-up but as long as you ensure your car seat clicks in (similar to clicking it into the base), it's extremely stable. Highly recommend it.

  • Chris - Be Sure they Fit your Car... Don't just rely on the product fit guied

    Rear Mats do not fit my 2015 Challenger. The mats seem to be nice quality and the front ones fit well.

  • Hogslayer308 - Easy to install

    Easy to install, took about 20 minutes total. Probably gave me about another mile per gallon...sounds cool when you stomp on the gas. Hoping to install the Roush exhaust this fall.

  • JWright - Great ball but not my favorite

    This ball is top quality but it seems just a bit smaller than standard...even when measuring 4.5 lbs air pressure. It also took a little longer than expected to break in. As much as I love my ball none of my volleyball friends want to use it if they have their wilson handy. I also noticed that the outdoor volleyball assoication prefers the Wilson AVP Outdoor Leather Volleyball.

  • Amanda V - Why the smell and then the color

    I can only give this three stars for one reason....the smell! The pump worked well and it cleaned my face nicely. But how can you make a face cleaner with a smell like that. Honestly it has a hint of lemon, but has an overwhelming smell of poo and the color doesn't make it any easier. I own the acne cream and the anti aging cream. They all have that awful color, but neither smell like this stuff. So this could be a great product if they can figure out what ingredient mix is causing that odor and fix it.