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  • Rykopop - Very well made lite weight foul weather jacket for warm weather here in Florida

    Very well made lite weight foul weather jacket for warm weather here in Florida. The breathability makes it great for those afternoon squals coming back from fishing.

  • Amazon Customer - Goes on smoothly and doesn't stink!

    This is my favorite diaper rash cream that we've used. It goes onto the baby's skin smoothly and comes off of my fingers smoothly. It also doesn't smell medicated like some other creams. I really like Aquafor, but it's a little greasy. Great product!

  • Joe Armstrong - Best stroller on the market!

    We have had many strollers. Many many strollers. In the first year of my son's life we have had 11 strollers. My wife is a bit of a stroller collector. His is by far he best stroller we have purchased. The shade canopy is unsurpassed. At all angles he sun is off baby's face. The rear facing and forward facing options are very handy to keep the baby out of the sun. The bug net and rain shield are great and come in very handy. The fact that the big bet can be zippered on is a nice touch as there are no gaps. The rain shield actually covers the basket as well. The telescoping handle is perfect for my wife and I as we are tall. My son loves that the seat angles up, it makes him feel more secure in it. The memory foam padding on the seat itself keeps him happy. Overall an excellent stroller. The only cons I found are 1. The wheels really aren't all terrain. They have trouble over gravel and softer dirt and 2. While the angle of the seat keeps my son secure, it also makes diaper changes in the stroller nearly impossible with a squirming toddler.

  • Belle - Amazing Earth

    This was suggested to me by my doctor, who has taken more of a natural approach to preventing and treating. I bought my first batch at s pharmacy and it was 20 bucks for a two weeks supply. I was over myself when I found it at such an affordable price on Amazon. This stuff is amazing. I have had stomach issues for the longest. Candida, bloating and irregularity. This has helped tremendously. I take one tablespoon twice a day in yogurt or orange juice. Drink plenty of water. I love what it has done for me. I developed a slight rash on my forearms the first week, probably my body ridding itself of toxins. If you never tried this, please give it a try. The benefits are endless.

  • Angela Jones - Entry level Modern Deck

    Comes with a $190 decklist, 80 sleeves (5 extra just in case of ripping), deck box, tokens for the spells and a life counter.