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  • Shelly Zwiebel Phillips - DON'T BUY THIS!!!

    Don't buy this product. It is cheaper than other brands on the market for a reason. Mine hasn't worked for weeks on end and I have reached out to them numerous times only to get snarky remarks (just look at their forums and you will see the type of Customer Service they have from overseas - wish I had done that). I am going to go ahead and get ESET because I can't continue to be exposed to threats while they take their sweet time and keep giving me solutions that don't work and then take weeks at a time to get back to me each time. I'm glad some people think this product works, but from my experience it is a total sham.

  • maureen - Best Shampoo & Conditioner Ever!

    I received a sample in the mail and I was shocked how this product tamed my thin frizzy hair! Not only did it tame my hair but it was light and had a lot of volume. Love, Love this Product!

  • R.A. - She did like the pictures

    It's a cute idea for helping young kids start to think about the idea of comparison and context, but I found that the four year old I was reading this to didn't seem to understand what was being expressed *at all.* Even just a few more words of clarification early on in the text itself would've helped, I think. Of course we talked about each picture, and about what the story was trying to tell us, but her usual mountain of questions and her own generally spot-on explanations of what she's hearing and seeing dwindled to nothing while we read this together. I've never seen her remain silent through an entire book. She just didn't seem to see or care about what was being addressed at all, so it was, for her, just a series of "no" statements.She did like the pictures.

  • Peaches - Almost turns into a solid

    I loved this lotion when I first got it, but after a few weeks it was so thick that the pump was no longer useful. The only way I can use it is by keeping the bottle upside down and even then it's an issue because so thick. Never again!

  • Jesus - I just give this one star,

    I just give this one star, I knew already its not wood its almost like the ouija in the movie except its smaller and not wood and it's just card board with a sticker stuck on it and I wouldn't recommend this one the sticker feels like sand paper you can't even move the point/planchette freely, if it doesn't matter to y'all I recommend the winning moves classic ouija it's sturdy cardboard and is hard feels like it could be wood and it's the Parker brothers design but the board is small like monopoly.

  • Richard S. Raymann - Best additive money can buy

    WORKS been using it for years in all of my gas vehicles at every oil change add one quart to every 4 quarts