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  • Adam Pressman - Medium rare, not well done.

    While I'm bound to upgrade as I run my business with Quicken, I encourage others to wait a good six months after any release. In addition to difficulties getting new versions addressed by banks and brokerages, the program has lost functionality, due to rampant bugs. The "Quicken Community" cites a number of them. I know they will get sorted out. It's surprised me that over the four decades I've used computers to run my finances that a great personal finance tool that works the way it's supposed to all the time has proved too challenging for the industry.

  • stenUSMC - Why do I not have the next book in the series yet?

    You know, I'm glad I got a Kindle way-back-when, and I'm glad that authors and 'wanna-be' authors jumped on the self-publishing bandwagon to try to live the dream. There are some really bad books available, which is to be expected, and I am really happy to say that this is NOT one of them. It is worth getting and discarding books that can't be finished (due to editing errors or poor writing - sometimes the book description is the only good thing about the book) in order to run across a gem such as "Stiger's Tigers".

  • A. Mangini - Great Once It Got Itself Going

    After a slow painful start, the second half of Season 1 of Goliath increases it pace and suspense. I do not fault BBT whose acting I have continued to enjoy for generations. If this goes to a season 2, then I guess the whale which gobbled BBT as he waded out from Venice Beach will spit him out again and have him stand there again on Venice Beach looking very much in the last shot of the introductory credits I watched for eight episodes, very much like Steve Buscemi in the intros to Boardwalk Empire. Give me a break. The actors led by Billy Bob Thorton, flawed protagonist and William Hurt, flawed and scarred antagonist, all showed strong skill in creating their characterizations of flawed tragic lives making their roles both believable and tolerable. However, the way this plot was strung out is reprehensible, especially in the first half of the season. This whole pursuit should have only taken four hour episodes. In fact, with all that time devoted to delineation of plot, why were there so many unresolved sub-plots. Things could have been tied up better. The locations were well represented: Venice, CA beach, pier, walkway, and canals; Downtown LA for the city and court scenes; and the courtroom which was spectacular. I enjoyed watching Goliath and I welcome more seasons, but Mr. Kelly just has to realize that this new genre of streaming video just doesn't have the give of network tv. So get with the program and get the good stuff to us. You certainly have the competent cast to do that. As far as I am concerned, they are all welcome back. As for your team of writers, not so.

  • Mark Harris - Funny

    Is a nice short story. Classic Vonnegut. Was not really sure where he was going with it but it was good.