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  • Michael S. Bauer - Great game if you don't have it, but disappointed you can't get old content

    I had this on my XB360, and love it. My 2 sons and I all play guitar, and one of my sons plays base, so it's fun to jam out to real songs with them. I picked the PS4 version up at christmas time because we got a PS4 from Santa, and I figured the XBox would get no love afterwards. I was right. We have been playing exclusively on the PS4 ever since. I knew going into this I'd have to repurchase any songs/albums we had from before, so no hard feelings there. The PS4 version seems to have a better tuner and fixes issues I had with the XB360 version picking up certain low toned chords.

  • Gomez - Item is made for thin persons

    Sorry but I am a 46 waist and wanted to slim my waist, this item does not fit. It should have been more flexible to larger persons.

  • Primenumbers - SlimQuick (ultra) Fat Burner

    SlimQuick (Ultra) Fat Burner has completely diminished my sugar cravings and carbohydrate cravings. I started SlimQuick to lose 10 lbs. It's been four weeks and I've lost 5 lbs maybe (less water retention may account for a couple of those lost lbs). The product contains a host of ingredients, but the two most interesting ingredients are Japanese knotweed root (resveratrol) and brown sea weed (may promote abdominal fat burning). I looked into the ingredients of SlimQuick because after three weeks, I noticed a rather nice difference in my skin without changing facial products. (differences such as firmer skin around my jaw line and diminished puffiness under my eyes).

  • Jenny Goffry - Superb

    As a foreign trained nurse, my healthcare recruiter informed me that I need NCLEX to get licensed in the states. I downloaded the NCLEX AudioLearn and spent many hours listening to it. The language was clear and I could understand it easily. I did pass my exam and am waiting on licensure in FL.

  • Sophs - Material is too rough

    I was so excited when Clek announced this new model- it's slightly cheaper and 10lbs lighter than the Foonf. I love Tokidoki, so it was a no brainier that I would get a Clek in this print.