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  • Robert B. - Works if you need to pass a drug test for THC. (But you need to follow instructions and prepare). NOT A FLUSHER.

    People who say this product does NOT work are idiots. They are individuals who did not follow the instructions. This does NOT just cleanse your system. If you drink water and properly time it with your drug test you will have a 2-3ish hour window where your urine will be masked and the THC in your system will not be detectable. Again this requires drinking a lot of water, timing it. (I suggest you read the most helpful reviews and figure it out for yourself) peeing multiple times after drinking it just to be safe. But if you genuinely want to pass your test you will be able to as long as you put in the time/effort. This also requires NOT touching THC for at least in my opinion 48hrs. (I stayed clean for 13 days because I was lucky, but I was still testing positive for THC 2 nights before my test, after this drink though I did a at home drug test, NEGATIVE. I tested immediately after my screening test, NEGATIVE. 2 days after I was positive.

  • Ryley Northrop - Helped me out!

    I received a free sample of their prenatal drink, and really enjoyed the flavor and ease of remembering to take my prenatal viatims (it's much easier for me to drink this than remember to take those viatims). . I popped the oacket into my purse and just added it to my water bottle. The flavor tasted good and I was curious about their other products. I have a very low-milk supply, so I ordered this and it was the same as the prenatals-easy to drink and I noticed a small difference in my milk supply a few days after starting it. I also diluated my packet so that I was upping my liquid intake. Overall, very happy with this product!

  • Hank Solo - Every Day Carry (EDC)

    In lieu of having a leatherman multitool, this knife is the next best thing. Not many combo knives come this sturdy. No wobble on the very sharp out-of-the-box knife. Very durable blade, no tip-bend even as an every day carry and almost every day use knife. Would love it if there were color options but that's really not even a big deal. very reliable, sturdy, well built knife.

  • Neil D. - Quick and easy installation, Durable Construction

    This bed cover was very quick and easy to install/adjust to fit perfectly over the bed of my 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew. There is no hardware to install onto the vehicle, rather this cover attaches to the bed using adjustable latches that hook underneath the lip of the existing plastic side rail covers, offering a very tight and reliable fit. For my first trip using this cover, I drove from San Antonio, TX to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee in very high wind and the cover flapped and flapped in the wind but never shifted or loosened up. I've taken several trips using this cover since then and have had no complaints.

  • J. Rowland - Great phone

    After growing tired of waiting for Google to get in another batch of their Nexus 4, I decided to look for other phones in a similar price range. Found the Vivo 4.3 and thought I'd give it a try. Here are the pros and cons of the phone is the default format. I know you can download themes, widgets, etc to change some of this stuff, but keep in mind I haven't done anything yet.

  • Terra - Look out for fake reviews, people!

    Does anyone else notice that the verbiage in Metropolis Films Inc's review is almost verbatim of the script for the infomercial? How many sentences in the infomercial's script start with "I mean...?" In other words, I'm guessing that the person who wrote the infomercial script also wrote that review. Not helpful.