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City: 16.3667 , Austria

  • Joshua - Much much better than I expected

    Much much better than I expected: High Quality sound, seemless connection via BT, confortable fit around my ears, 100% waterproof, Noise Cancelling. Plan to get a ouple more as gifts for famimly members.

  • ashley - JERKYYYYY

    I waited for this beef jerky for awhile before it arrived. The shipping took longer then expected, but happy it came today! The flavor is different than your typical "jack link" or Slim Jim jerky, but you can tell it is obviously much better quality. I've never had grass fed jerky, and it tasted more bitter. But without all the added sugar and preservatives, it's what you should expect. Overall, my son and husband like it a lot!

  • Peter - Wow...this stuff really ...

    Wow...this stuff really works! I take several blood pressure medications that all have a side effect of constipation. I tried everything, even prescription remedies and cleansers. This is the only thing that works and I only have to take half of what the manufacturer recommends.

  • Sherri - works well. quite fast.

    I received this in good order with no signs of flaws or damage. I ordered this for an upgrade project on my main system to use as a cache drive. As that machine is still being built I tested it on the one it will be replacing. The installation is straight up for anyone that has installed a drive. For most PC's you will of course need some sort of mount or adaptor to properly install the 2.5" drive. In my case it is mounted in an expansion slot frame. Drive recognized with no problems and functioned as expected. The performance difference between this drive and a "classic" HDD is quite noticeable and not at all unexpected with this drive being much faster. There are several ways to use drives of this type and speed, but the purpose I discussed previously is the one I have chosen. A cache drive to boost standard HDD performance.

  • Keenan Holloway - Poor Quality Assurance

    This devices freezes all the time. It's a good thing we got this with the gel padding accessory because my daughter has tossed this thing so many times out of frustration of it freezing. It has the option to watch movies wirelessly and she can usually watch 2 movies around 5 minutes in length before the application just closes and sends her back to the device startup menu. I had a idea that it wouldn't be as tested as an Apple product but had no idea it would freeze/crash this often.