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  • Ronald Peters - Bigger than I expected ... but perfect.....

    I have used the Fiesta Island secured to my boat whilst its anchored on a reef over the last 4 weekends and its superb... Its made to a fairly high spec and if you buy a decent sized 12v pump and its fully inflated in 3 mins ....When deflated is fairly simple to fold , although it is fairly heavy to carry.. When inflated It can easily seat 8 adults without any balance issues ... A great buy !

  • Kiser Ridge Farm - Great deal.

    This was a great deal as an Amazon Gold box deal. My son who has completed Spanish 1 & 2 said this would help him improve greatly. I also intend to use it for my younger children as they get further along in school and need a foreign language. From what we have watched of the big name brand curriculum this is just as good at a MUCH lower price.

  • Ellen - I love this stuff

    Every time I saw my niece, she offered to pluck my chin hairs-which I never noticed till she pointed them out and then I was embarrassed by how long they were. I was thrilled to read about this product. I have very sensitive skin and I have had no irritation at all. It's so easy to use and does such a good job, I make sure to use it once a month so my niece can have a glass of wine when she visits instead of plucking my chin