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  • Mary Post - the Strawberries taste great! So I always start with the citrus and ...

    I always "forget" or just don't want to take my normal multivitamins and biotin tablets everyday. However with these they are the first thing I in the morning. Though I'm not crazy about the taste of the Citrus flavored ones, the Strawberries taste great! So I always start with the citrus and end with the strawberry. My skin has never looked better, I suffer from acne all the time even now at 27. I wash my face twice a day and use everything that was prescribed to me but it still breaks out. I have been taking these for a few weeks, these being the only thing I have changed in my normal routine and I can't believe the difference in my skin. It is a lot smoother without the acne and just glows. I wont be taking these out of my everyday routine, these are a must for me!

  • CLatney - Don't waste your money

    Don't waste your money. It glides over your foot nice and and easy but does nothing to smooth out rough skin. I found that on my heels it actually made the skin worse if that makes since. Maybe it will work for maintenance between pedicures. Maybe.

  • Ken Reinertson - An Awesome bag for anyone that needs a lot of space and compartments

    This bag is massive on the inside. It's hard to believe that there is actually a size larger than this one. This bag fit everything I needed for a 3 day trip. My misc. electronics, laptop, clothes, this and that. Just about everything I needed all in one bag. If you need a weekend bag or a short trip bag this will fit the bill and then some. Very comfortable around the chest and shoulders. The quick release to extend the strap length is extremely handy. For you convention goers this bag will fit all your swag just fine. I highly recommend Timbuk2. I liked them so much I got a Classic Messenger MEDIUM size for every day use and I got one with a cute limited bird design for my wife.

  • Desire Baessler - great for practice

    When I was preparing for the Pharmacy technician certification board exam, I knew that I would be nervous on the day of the test. There was nothing I could do to avoid that, but there were plenty of things I could do to prepare. If I was prepared enough, I would do well and that was all I could hope for on the day of the exam. In order to give myself the confidence I needed going into the test, I got these practice tests and review to help me. First, I went through all of the review content, which I found very comprehensive and helpful. Then, I started testing myself. Once I got better at the tests because of my various review sessions, I realized I could do well on the real exam. I proved myself over and over again on the practice tests and that told me that the real exam was going to be something I could get through as well. I know working in a pharmacy is going to throw a lot of unexpected things my way and there was no way to know exactly what to expect from the test, but with this study guide I knew everything I could going into it and felt as prepared as possible.

  • Dakotaam1 - this is a must purchase for a vehicle

    I absolutely love my weather tech liners!! I am telling everyone that this product is a must for your vehicle. It is very rugged and is great for pets and a busy outdoor lifestyle. Keeps my vehicle nice and clean and my weekly visits to the car wash is so much faster!

  • catherine - These work great! We just bought a new house

    These work great! We just bought a new house, and haven't learned all the quirks of it yet. So one morning we wake up and the music room has condensation on all of the instruments and computer! We figured it was because the room is located right next to the sun room and it had gotten cold overnight. So we went out and bought this product. We haven't had any issues since. We can see the water filling up, so I know it is working and keeping our music equipment safe!

  • Nicole Smith - Manuals are a must.

    I bought this last year for my archiving/mechanical drawing control business. I have to say that I'm not impressed with some of the "perks" like the Drawing & Annotations workspace layout which can be easily changed to the Classic workspace layout, or the Dynamic Input Tool which can be easily turned off. The main disappointment is the lack of a manual to come with the program. I would recommend anyone actually interested in getting everything one can out of this program to buy Mastering AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014: Autodesk Official Press by Mr. George Omura. This book is really indispensable to users like myself who are jumping into a new AutoCAD LT after being established using AutoCAD 2000. All the attempted work-arounds necessary to run AutoCAD 2000 on a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system with the continuous compatibility issues made spending the $800 on AutoCAD LT 2014 a nicer option.