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  • John - You Don't Have to be an Engineer

    In this book, Goldratt clearly explains the Theory of Constraints in exciting, novel form. The story uses real life examples to explain technical concepts like demand elasticity, independent statistical events, and production bottlenecks. Not only can the reader grasp these without having to learn math, but the book is actually fun to read. From playing hooky at work to eat pizza and drink beer, to coming home drunk with a coworker, to his wife leaving the main character, the book is thoroughly engrossing. I purchased the Kindle version for ease of access, and find myself whipping out my phone whenever I have downtime. Highly recommended.

  • Nicolle A. - Best umbrella stroller ever.

    This stroller is awesome! It's lighter than my diaper bag, super easy open/close, and has a built in shoulder strap. Super sturdy and stable. My son used to turn into a little sweatball anytime I put him in a stroller, the mesh of this one keeps him nice & comfy. The storage under it is sufficient, but I got an extra little mesh organizer for the back to carry the rain cover & other goodies. It even has a cup holder. I can't say enough good things about this stroller. Abosolutely worth the price.

  • Bad in Bahston - Results far from Marketing literature

    Doesn't seem to work in a single application as advertised. I have used on my home and my neighbors. Both times, a single application per specification did not clear the roofs. On mine, there are still spots with algae growing even after 2 applications. On my neighbors home which suffers from black streaks, I applied a VERY heavy coat last fall and after 4 months the stains were still there. They were actually worse for the first 2. I called the company and they told me sometimes it takes longer....well, it's almost a year later and the streaks are still on their roof.

  • V. Moore - Okay

    Overall, satisfied. I'm not sure if my hair grew any faster than it normally wouldn't have, but I can tell a difference:) these photos are a month apart. After a few days of eating the vitamins, I noticed my nails were stronger. But, my face broke out a lot more. So ups and downs. I haven't decided if I'll get these again or try something else. Any recommendations are welcome! :)