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  • REALLY2 - Can't beat a Good Security program!

    I have been using Norton for almost as long as I have had a computer! I have tried other products in between, but always return to using Norton. I originally had the Internet Security Suite, but it seemed to slow down my computer too much...so I decided to give Norton 360 a try last year and I really like it! It has kept my computer free of viruses and I like the built in tools for cleaning up my computer! I also have a couple of spyware and one malware program installed and they seem to get along pretty well with Norton 360. It seems a bit more expensive than some other security programs, but the one I got I can use on 3 different computers that I have! So, if you look at what the cost would be for 3 separate licenses, it really isn't that bad. Also, check after the newest version has been out for awhile and you can find some good deals!

  • Marie - Shark has terrible customer service and doesn't honor their warranty

    I purchased this vacuum and at first I just loved it. As others mentioned it kept falling over. One of the plastic sides of the canister where the clips attach broke but I was able to use the product with just the one clip and it held. I have long hair that gets all over the carpeting and this tangled up in the brush at the bottom. I had to cut it out after each use and remove it because you can't remove the brush. This kept happening until the cleaned brush wouldn't move across the rugs and can only be used in the bare floor setting.

  • Daniel - good but not great

    Not bad at all. I was hoping for a little more of something...seemed a little low budget or something. Overall entertaining but not something I would watch over and over. Probably say you need to see it if you are a Rock fan, but not ground breaking by any means.

  • Nikki W. - Amazing product.

    I'm not sure where I got this or how I ended up with it but I've had it under my cabinet for probably quite sometime now. I was looking for hair spray the other day and it was right in front of me and so I decided to give it a try. Had I known how awesome this product was I never would have had this under my cabinet for so long it would have been gone that very same month... I don't know how long it would have taken to use but I would have used it all.

  • Steven Doyle - Lives up to its name, this is the FINAL time I purchase one of their products....

    I never review products, but this mouse has left me so jaded that I feel like I should speak about it to dissuade people from buying it.

  • TCDSoCal - Excellent Product! Unbeatable Price!

    Shipping was FAST! Product is packaged well and the quality is top-notch. My local pool supply store (national chain) sells the same product size and weight for $187.99 and the tablets are not even individually wrapped as "In The Swim's" product is. Thank you for an excellent product at a great price. I will be ordering again!

  • timothy a kinney - Cozmo sick!

    I preordered this little guy and received it two days early. The setup instructions are simple and easy to follow. I played with Cozmo the first day which was a lot of fun. However, the second day I could not get Cozmo to connect to WiFi. I contacted customer service and they determined that the power adapter was defective and would mail me a replacement. In the interim they told me to plug the USB power cable directly to a computer which would charge Cozmo but take longer than the ten minutes using the charger. After several hours charging Cozmo still was not charged. My second call to customer service resulted in several holds on the phone and suggestions by them which did not solve the problem. I then requested authorization to return for replacement and was told they would call me back in 24 hours. I have spend over $600 on their other product (race cars) and have been completely satisfied with the product and customer service but was a little let down this time. Hopefully they will have a solution when they call back today!