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Porte blindée Bruxelles|Pose porte blindée - Un entreprise pour la pose et la vente de porte blindée à Bruxelles. Porte blindée de Bruxelles est le spécialiste de la pose de porte blindée sur Bruxelles

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3387 , France

  • Sandra D. - Excellent value, high quality

    I LOVE that these come individually wrapped. Definitely makes it convenient to leave outside without worry that the bucket will get moisture. We have a 40K gallon salt water pool, but given the number of small children, plus the organic debris that ends up in our pool since we live in the country I love the extra protection of a little extra chlorine. These work perfectly for this purpose. Aside from this product we use the BBB method of pool maintenance. An entire bucket lasts all year. Excellent value, cheapest that I've found and excellent quality. Will definitely buy again next year for our floating chlorinator.

  • Brandon J Blair - Wow! Love it!

    I'm a guy and bought this instead of an electric razor because I get rashes if I shave too closely. Wow, this thing cuts through my thick beard like a pro. It's actually a pretty close shave! I like the hair on my throat to be cut down to the skin so I actually use the inexpensive Panasonic ES-SA40-K Pro Curve Wet/Dry Shaver push-up trimmers for that. I also love that the different sized guards that come with this allow me to trim body hair, my beard, side burns...it's awesome! Sorry if that's TMI but the guys out there need to know that this thing is far more practical, especially for the money, than a beard trimmer or even a much more expensive electric razor if you don't like a really close shave.

  • Sistertex - Okay, but nothing fancy.

    A little weak in the overall, but something to get you going if you have been putting this daunting task off. Nothing fancy, but then if you don't need 'fancy' this should work fine for you. Pretty easy to use. For somethings you will still need to seek legal advice.

  • Kazimir - Fit my Tacoma perfectly. Did not even need the enclosed hardware or instructions.

    Using a 10mm socket wrench, I unscrewed the three original screws on each front mud flap. Using a small flathead "jewelwers" screwdriver, I separated the top of the plastic clip from the body of the clip and popped out the top, then could pull out the entire clip from the truck body intact. There were 3 screws and 3 plastic clips holding each of my original Toyota mud flaps on. In total, was able to take out 5 of the 6 plastic clips intact, but I destroyed the 6th one. Each of the Husky mudguards use 3 screws and only 2 plastic clips, so I was able to use my original screws and clips and not even open the bag of hardware from Husky. They fit perfectly and seem to be better made than the originals, which fell off my truck many years ago. I'll buy the rear set when my originals fail, one side is starting to tear away.

  • Justine - Best experience on a period

    Best protection available. Originally I bought it because I wanted to have sex while on my period and I'm SO HAPPY I bought these. Honestly, putting the softcup in the first time will be difficult, ok? That's life and that's gonna happen. When I put it in the second time I knew what to do and felt better about how to place it in there. Lol it's odd getting it out but it's a huge load off my back rather than worrying about a pad or tampon leaking. Warning however: when having sex, make sure your man doesn't push it too far up your walls. This happened the last time I was on my period, and it took me a little longer to pull out the softcup because of its placement. It's an easy fix though, as long as you take deep breaths and relax your body, then push out, it can come out quite easily though you may think it's stuck hahaha.

  • C Ski - Fun, but inaccurate Kinect detection.

    I purchased for the XBOX One. As of January 2014 it is the only early release Kinect based game on Xbox one.

  • Vickie - Excellent book!!!!!!

    I really loved this book. Gabriel blonde girlfriend really showed her true colors!!!!!! She hated Royal and Renee with a passion. Society says that true beauty for women is tall, slim, blonde and blued eyed. The Medlov men all fell for beauty black women, and she could not deal with not being the wife of either Medlov man.