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Portal 9 - Portal 9 is a journal of stories and critical writing about urbanism and the city. By focusing on a unique theme, each issue blends creative writing, photography, and personal essays with academic scholarship, perceptive journalism, and cultural critiques. Backed by Solidere, the land development and real estate company, Portal 9 is based in Beirut and published twice yearly in separate English and Arabic editions. It addresses the need for a conscientious debate about architecture, planning, culture, and society in urban contexts across the Middle East and the rest of the world.

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  • D. Bulkley - Keyless Remote does not work

    I followed the instructions, word for word and cannot get this remote to work. I have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. The instructions are not clear, but I went through them with different interpretations of the instructions and cannot get the remote to work.

  • Dwranny - JR Watkins Menthol Camphor Ointment Review

    When my grandfather's brother died, he was given the belongings from the home. He stored much of it in the garage. There were boxes and boxes stacked high. We opened a few. Inside were time of Watkins green and red cans. He used them on us when we were hurt or sick. He gave lots to friends and family too. All I know is it always worked for us and didn't sting like Vick's Capo Rub! One day, at work, a friend was selling some and I almost bought out her entire supply. Gave some to my daughters for their children. Now I've found it on Amazon, again. Bought several again. This stuff has been with me all my life and has never failed me or my family!

  • Floridagirl2 - Love the smell

    Thankful I can get this on Amazon. Gives my hair that 'piecey' look, not dry looking. Love this stuff.

  • Scarlett Ian - Stepdaddy dearest..

    Whew the chemistry in this book was intense. Max & Lola Grace are so perfect for each other. I'll be honest when I first started reading the book I wasn't getting the warm fuzzies about Max's character. I wanted him to be with Lola Grace so badly and I didn't understand why he would go through with this loveless marriage; there were also times when Lola Grace was acting like a brat so I wasn't sure if she was mature enough to be with Max.