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  • SashaFierce - Living a Pain-Free Life!

    I purchased OmegaXL after viewing an infomercial following yet another day of excruciating pain in my left knee from arthritis and an injury sustained over the years. At 62, I want to be able to walk, drive and run my own errands by myself as long as I can. I also wanted to be able to continue to play the piano without gnarled hands and fingers. The only reason I bought this product directly from the company is because they offered 2 for the price of 1 if you chose their autoship program. My pain was so bad that I knew I'd soon be using a cane, so I figured that I didn't have anything to lose. I can tell you now that I never want to be without this product. Years ago while living in New York City, my doctor took me off Vioxx, which has since been recalled by Merck, because it caused cardiovascular harm to so many patients. Vioxx did relieve my pain, but, in addition to the potential for causing physical harm, it was very expensive. I reinjured my knee on 9/11/01 when I had to walk from my job at The Battery back home to the Upper East Side on that day, and I hadn't been able to find anything that helped me since Vioxx was recalled until I found OmegaXL. It's a godsend! I took the initial recommended dose of 4 little capsules a day for the first month, and I was able to walk up and down stairs and jump rope once again after ingesting OmegaXL for only 6 days. Now I'm able to maintain joint flexibility on only 1 pill a day after one month. If you have any type of arthritis or inflammation, this product will give you the relief you've been praying for. Believe me, something will get physically better for you even if you don't have pain. This product is truly worth the money.

  • David Penza - Better than s**

    Works great, especially if you're bound up. Shoots right out. Get's a load off your mind the rest of the day

  • wasssup - This is a must read for everyone.

    everyone should read this book to get a better a understanding of social security, its origins, its evolutions, its goals.

  • Kindle Customer - Tricky

    Took a while to work out where it was going,but it pulled together and made for an interesting story.All I ask from a book.

  • Ohenewa - did not work for me

    this product did not help me... I was persuaded to buy it, apparently it was going to help with my acne and a range of things. haha.. I have never been persuaded before to buy anything, those sales men are Good!! anyways, their moisturizing cream is heaven, but this... did not create a change in my skin.

  • Noeyyyyy - Beautiful screens, look great

    Beautiful screens, look great. Got 2 for dual monitors with my new acer. No issues setting them up, just need to make sure the computer you're using has either vga or hdmi ports or you'll need adapters, which could cut the quality a little.