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  • Snark A. Lychous - The refreshing sensation of brand new lady-parts

    I gotta say, after years of winning the game of aneorexia, hair dye, a great pancake make-up tone that hides my acne, botox, designer clothes and shoes, implants, skin bleaching for my freckles, and other "little secrets" that my cosmetic surgeon is under waiver not to tell, I've always felt sad that, while I could have my lady parts tightened so I'm not waiving a flag, there was nothing to do about the natural brownish color that truly reveals a woman's age.

  • G. I. Moreno Sr. - An expensive and poor showing upgrade

    After fifteen years using Quicken, and upgrading it almost every year, I thought that 2010 version would be better than the previous versions. Nooooooooo. I find it disturbing the speed with wich Intuit puts out a new version full of bugs that require numerous patches to work half-way decently. Downloading transactions is a major problem because they do not match your register. You have to make manual corrections for EVERY transaction. The GUI has not changed much. I believe that the person who designed it has a major interest in not allowing to change. Menus continue to be simple, but so is their design and source code: BASIC VB. It reminds me very much of Andrew Tobias "MANAGING YOUR MONEY" of 1985. Time to get better folks. I am sorry that I spent my money. I have no choice since there is no alternative application for Personal Finance. Like many other folks who use this program, I am disapointed with the product. Where are the data entry forms of years past??? More money for less is not a good deal, no sirrrr.

  • Shania - Really needs to be a 4.5 star...UPDATED!

    I love the product itself, it straightened my hair in roughly 30 minutes, I have bushy, curly, hard to straighten hair and this brush worked great. The results are from just the brush and I will probably go back over it with a straightening iron just to get it "perfect" but it overall cut down my straighting time a good bit it usually takes close to an hour. My only real issue is that the second numbers on the digital screen that shows the temp do not show up properly and this was right out of the box. Hence why I say it needs a 4.5 vs 5. But I would definitely recommend this to anybody.

  • Jenny Moya - sorry very disappointed

    product was damaged. monitor does not stay down. also one of the pieces was broken. I wouldn't buy anything from Amazon again. sorry very disappointed

  • jluv88 - Best diaper cream

    I love balmex. I use it as a preventative measure. My daughter is almost 4 months now and has never had diaper rash. Sometimes her little butt looks red after a 12 hour night without a diaper change but the redness literally vanishes with just one clean diaper with balmex. It is a nice thick white paste that has no smell (which I love). I have tried vaseline before but it didn't seem like it was doing anything. I also tried desitin and found it to be more watery and have a horrible medicinal smell. Just fyi, before applying any diaper rash ointment you should make sure the babys butt is nice and dry otherwise you are just trapping the moisture under the ointment. I have 2 big 16oz jars for home and bought the 4 pack of the 4 oz tubes for her diaper bags and daycare. p.s I have also used this on a burn I got and it cleared it up in a day.