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  • GMacW - Battery Life is Awful!!!

    I received this just a couple days ago. it came boxed nicely and was very easy to assemble. I read that it didn't have the best battery life but I'm only getting 15 minutes at best! I cherged the battery fully overnight and started this morning trimming around my fenceline, after 15 min battery was dead! I put back on charge and it took 5 hours for the charging light to turn green. Back out I went and again 15 min later battery dead. I have a choice, buy four more batteries so I can trim weekly or buy a different trimmer. Sorry Worx although this seems like a sturdy product, it's a waste of money if you have more than 60' linear feet of trimming.

  • b.Jenkins - not happy

    Timing of bananas too strict. I thought it would be great for my grandkids. The bananas have to be a just the right temperature and ripened at just the right point. The only good thing I can say about it: easy clean up.

  • G. Powers - Stopped the leak for now in an old 2006 Mazda Tribute with a V6 and busted rear main seal.

    Stopped the leak for now in an old 2006 Mazda Tribute with a V6 and busted rear main seal. There is still a drop of oil from time to time, but compared to the puddle that was there before using this product, I'll take the sporadic drops.

  • Roscoe Verdin - Not Comfortable for us at all

    I am 5'8", not tall by today's standards. My head (and my girlfriends) head rests uncomfortably against the top rail of the back rest. Also, where the back rest joins the seat there is a large curve that doesn't allow us to sit back comfortably. I suppose this is what happens when buying a chair online without trying out.

  • Fred Gibson Jr - Perfect Fit!

    Perfect fit on my 2014 RAV4! They look great on the vehicle too. It would be fairly easy to take them off when you're not using them, but I'm leaving mine on with no ill effects. Great product for your RAV4.

  • Philip Walden - I upgraded under duress and I regret it

    Hello folks. Amazon invited me to review Quicken Deluxe 2011. Normally I don't provide reviews, but my experience with product has motivated me to do so.

  • newswami - Worked great, but extremely short lifespan

    I needed to cut some concrete, and I didn't want to subject my good (much more expensive) grinder to the stone dust, so I picked one of these up. The grinder cut through the concrete with ease, and was working great until it started smoking and turned bright orange in the handle (motor burned up). I was running it only a few minutes at a time, giving it plenty of time to cool between uses, but it still burned up. This definitely didn't hold up to what Dewalt's grinders have in the past.